Do you believe in magic

Hello I'm Ellie I'm magic I like a boy with curly hair and green eyes read to find out what will happen


2. Green eyes

Beep..beep..beep my alarm clock went off waking me up from a peaceful sleep I frowned knowing today is the first day of collage by collage i mean for the special people like me the angles there truly beautiful and sweet but some are not so sweet to me at least I got out of my comfy bed and went to take a shower I walked into the bathroom And started the water while it heated up I stripped down and hoped in the shower letting the warm water glide over my skin then I shampooed and washed with body raspberry body wash I then turned the water off I stepped out and grabbed a fluffy white towel I combed through my hair then went to my closet and got a white sun dress with red yellow and orange flowers then I put on a pair of lace flats I dried my hair and brushed through my curly hair I sprayed some perfume on then did my makeup that consist of eyeliner,mascara,and lip stick since I have pretty natural skin then I grabbed my bag and went to school when I got there I went to my first class choir since angles have very beautiful voices when I got in there I went to the piano and started to play the a team by Ed sheeran then I sang along and when I finished I heard lots of clapping I turned around and the whole class was watching me I smiled and blushed then I went and sat down by a boy with curly hair that would soon change my life...hey he said hello I'm Ellie and you are I said politely I'm Harry he said with a cheeky grin he was so adorable...we talked the whole class and well we sang of course I started to walk out to my next class natural science where I learn all about magic science blah blah blah blah then I heard a English accent calling my name I turned around it was harry hey babe he said he made my heart flutter when he said that hey umm can I have your number he said sure I said then gave it to him not knowing he was gunna change my life for the better.....

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