Katie [a Niall Horan FanFic]

Katie is a 17 year old girl who falls in love with Niall but when hardships face then what will she do????????


10. What?!?!?!?!?

                                                             Katies POV

I woke up in the morning in Nialls arms. I remember the old times before I died I wish I never would have died it ruined my life, but now I have Niall back with me my life is starting to go back to normal.

                                                       Nialls POV

I love having Katie back in my arms I thought I lost her forever I feel really bad about Vanessa though. I hope she doesn't hate me. who am I kidding she hates me I mean I cheated on her by kissing someone else on her birthday after I gave her a promise ring. i think i need to call her and apologize. as i dialed the number i hoped she would answer and to my surprise she actually answered

Vanessa: what Niall

ME; look Vanessa im really sor..

Vanessa: look niall i wont take you back im sorry

Me: just let me explain please

She agreed to let me explain so i explained how Katie WAS dead BUT came back to life i could tell she didn't believe me but i could take a lie detector test and prove that im telling the truth i probably sound crazy to her well that's because she told me i was crazy then she said she WILL get revenge jeez this chick is crazy. all i can think is oh well if she doesn't believe me i have Katie and we are perfectly happy together i looked over at her kissed her on the forhead and went downstairs to make her breakfast. about 30 minutes after i went downstairs Katie came downstairs.... geez she looks good in the morning

ME: morning

Katie: morning

She said that with the biggest smile on her face.

ME: hey the guys want to come over today is that okay

Katie: yea!!! i miss them

Me: they miss you to o and calum and ivy are coming to

Katie: in a bit im going shopping with the girls

Me: okay

                                                            Katies POV

I left to go shopping with the girls we cant stop laughing and i think the people in the mall wanted to kick us out because i mean we are loud!!!!! we stopped at  literally every store we could see and i bought the most things out of all of us. once we got back niall gave me a big hug and then i went to go say hi to the guys

Me: hi guys

Louis: Katie

Liam: Katie

Zayn: Katie

Harry: shaniqua

ME: what

Louis: that's not shaniqua that's Katie where did u get that name

Harry: Jayden told me that that was her name

ME: that was before Niall knew


We all laughed that one out and then ate, played video games, truth or dare and crap like that. that was the most fun night ever once every one left niall and i began making out, then things got steamy

*month later*

                                                             Katies POV

Omg i feel so sick i threw up like three times this morning then i just decided to buy a pregnancy test.. omg


Niall: what is it babe

ME: i ummm ummm

Niall: what you can tell me

Katie: funny thing actually i urm

Niall: spit it out super fast

ME:im pregnant


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