Katie [a Niall Horan FanFic]

Katie is a 17 year old girl who falls in love with Niall but when hardships face then what will she do????????


3. Welcome to Minneapolis

                                                               Katies Pov

O my go I cant believe we are finally in Minneapolis ive been waiting so long for this concert it is soooo exciting I really love being in the cities. I hate being in North Dakota there is no good shopping anywhere.

ME"jayden can we go to the mall"

Jayden "uh duh"

Ivy"Lets go mofos"

As we got to the mall I walked in and before Jayden could say where do you want to go I said Mac. I love that place I mean it may be expensive but like I give a shit. After that we went to H and M and Forever 21 and a lot of other places I don't remember the name of. After that we decided to get supper at the food court we stopped at Arbys. All of us got the same thing regular beef and cheddar sandwich with a jamoca shake.

ME " Jayden what hotel are we staying at"

Jayden" Motel Six"

Ivy"what the fuck"

Jayden" im just kidding we are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn"

Ivy: holy shit how did you afford that"

Jayden" uh duh your parents randomly gave me money because they get a break form you two physcopaths"

ME: "that's true"

Ivy: "second that"

After we finished eating  we headed to the hotel. it was huge It looked like a mansion. While Jayden checked us in Ivy turned around and screamed "HARRY STYLES" I turned around and saw Niall.

                                                             Nialls Pov

I saw here she was gorgeous. I had to meet her but I wasn't just going to be like hey im Niall date me. Then Haz decides to push me and say red head he is smitten she blushed. Wait that means she likes me back this it the coolest thing ever. So I went to talk to her.



                                                        Katies Pov

Omfg Niall just said hi to me I couldn't say anything I was fangirling inside then Ivy and Harry Gave each other a nod pushed us together and we kissed. I could tell Harry and Ivy were just friends because he was in the corner flirting with Jayden. When Niall and I pulled away he smiled then paul had to ruin the moment

Paul"lets go guys"

1D and 5SOS"OK"

Just then Niall handed me his number and winked I smiled and screamed inside I was probably happier than a camel on hump day. haha hump day. After that Jayden, Ivy and I went up to our room and screamed.


*Authors Note*

Woo I finally got niall in the story thank you for reading this -Jayden

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