Katie [a Niall Horan FanFic]

Katie is a 17 year old girl who falls in love with Niall but when hardships face then what will she do????????


8. Time Being

                                                        Jaydens POV

Well ever since katies death Ivy moved to Austrailia I moved to London. its nice living here with harry but why did Katie have to die she was our best friend and Niall was in love now he is spending his days with his girlfriend Vanessa. she is the nicest person ever but you can tell that niall. misses Katie. they have been together for about 1 year now Niall waited 6 months to get another girlfriend it was hard for him so I guess I shouldn't blame him. Katie would have been turning 19 today. It also happens to be Vanessas birthday so we were going to have a party. but now im getting ready for it in the flat that Harry and I share without the girl whose birthday we should be celebrating.

                                                  Katies POV

ME:cmon just let me go and be alive again

Zues: let me think no, no one leaves

me: don't make me annoy you

I started scream singing making him annoyed then finally

Zues: fine get out of here be your self with alone brown hair with blue tips

ME: yaa

As he put me back on earth i knew i would go to harrys flat Jayden and Ivy would be there because they decided to be like best friends since my death.

                                                              Jaydens POV

I heard a knock on the door and as i went to get it a girl was standing there i had never met her before in my life yet she looked so familiar.


Katie: Jayden omg i missed you and ivy so so so much

ME: what are you talking about, IVY!!!!


ME: do you know her

Ivy:she looks a ton like Katie

ME:thats what i thought but i wasn't sure

We looked for a second and realized it actually WAS Katie our best friend whom died almost 3 years ago.

Jayden and Ivy: KATIE

We hugged her and and she explained everything and we explained how niall was and about Vanessa. she was almost in tears about it i mean all she wanted to do was to be with her boyfriend well exboyfriend but he ended up having another girlfriend. Then Harry came downstairs and said

Harry: who is this

Jayden:Its KAy.... then ivy cud me off

Ivy: its shaniqua

I almost died i don't know where ivy got that name in her mind(i have nothing against that name) Harry gave the WTF looked and we left for Vanessas bday. Once we got there we introduced her to everyone Niall was the worst for her she was seriously sad about it. Later we were all dancing Ivy was over with Calum and then Niall took the mic.

Niall: can i have every ones attention, thankyou, thanks for everyone who came out tonight i really appreciate it, but may i have Vanessa come up here

She went up

Niall: Vanessa ive really enjoyed the time we have spent together and i want you to accept this promise ring to show it.

                                                              Katies POV

Once Niall did that i went out in tears everyone thought they were tears of joy but they were the complete opposite i ran out and Ivy chased me

Ivy: im so sorry Katie

then Niall came out of no where

Niall: Katie?!?!?!

ME: yea

he looked confused then i explained it all and ivy was there to back me up on it then he pulled me in and kissed me it wasn't just any kiss it was the most passionate kiss we have ever had. All of a sudden Vanessa came out of no where

Vanessa: Niall what the hell

Niall: Vanessa!!

Vanessa: look save it i don't want to hear any apologies i cant believe you would do this to me right after you gave me a promise ring im sorry but we are through

I HOnestly felt real bad about kissing niall but at the same time i think bitch step off my man.

Me: Niall im so sor

Just before i could finish he pulled me in for another kiss i never wanted it to end.

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