Katie [a Niall Horan FanFic]

Katie is a 17 year old girl who falls in love with Niall but when hardships face then what will she do????????


1. The Day Before

                                                               Katies POV

It was the morning before the 1D concert. I was going with Jayden and Ivy. Jayden was driving us but it would be fun anyway I mean with my two best friends in the whole world in one car for 6 hours. I was still in bed and we were leaving in an hour I really don't feel like getting up. Then I got a text from Jayden and ivy

From Jayden: Wake upppppp:]

From Ivy: YO motherfucker wake yo lazy ass up

Reply to both: calm your tits im getting up

I walked out to the kitchen to get breakfast , I ate, did my hair and makeup and then said bye

"Bye mom Bye dad"i said yelling through the house

"Bye love you" they both yell back

" don't get raped" my older brother Alex said

"go fuck a unicorn" I yell

"no they are to horny" he yells back obnoxiously

I walked out the door and Ivy and Jayden were waiting by Jaydens car for me

"well look who got out of bed" and we left



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