Katie [a Niall Horan FanFic]

Katie is a 17 year old girl who falls in love with Niall but when hardships face then what will she do????????


4. The Date

                                                               *Authors Note*

There is a katies pov in here where she is really detailed about herself my friend Katie wrote that.

                                                                  Katies Pov


That night we decided to go swimming so all got into our swimsuits and walked to the pool. The pool was boring but right when we got there Jayden and Ivy thought it would be funny to push me in. The pool was actually warm. Then Ivy pushed Jayden and jumped in after her. Just then the guys came in

Louis"Hey people from the lobby"

Jayden"Hi Louis"




Louis" Louis

We all looked at him and just laughed Louis was really cool I think we would get along really good together. Then Niall took his shirt off and I just stared

Zayn" that's not his face" he said laughing

Katie" What o haha"

When we were all done Niall came up to me

Niall" Hey do you want to go out for supper with me"

Me" of course"

Niall "great ill pick u up in an hour"

We all headed up to our rooms and I didn't feel like telling Jayden but I told Ivy. Ivy happened to get a date with calum im our room[not doing it]. I got ready and headed to Nialls room.

                                                            Jaydens POV

OK so call me nosey but Katie is leaving the room for no apparent reason you cant expect me not to follow her. so im guessing your know what I did. I stopped because she stopped. I saw her open the door and inside stood Niall and Harry but Harry answered it butt naked!!!!!!

Katie" hey is ni.... Harry put some damn clothes on"


Niall" Harry put on some fucking clothes"

Harry went to get clothes on the I went around the corner.

ME" Watcha doin"

Katie" how the fuck did u find me"

ME"i followed u I was curious"

Katie"thats annoying"

Me: your always curious"


Then HArry came back with clothes on and asked me I wanted to hang out with him. I said ok and Katie and niall left.

                                                                   Nialls POV

as we were leaving the hotel I noticed her beautiful brown eyes. I couldn't quit staring at her she just looks so beautiful. once we arrived at the restauraunt I took her hand and led her in we went to Booka's Italian restaurant. the food was amazing! after dinner we went to the mall of America. we went to forever 21 and I couldn't help but stare at every outfit she tried on. because she looked so stunning. after I couldn't help but lean in and kiss her and she kissed me back sparks flied I opened my eyes and could literaly see the fire works. when I got back to the hotel I brought her back to her room and I went to mine.when I got back the lads were playing FIFA

Louis" how was the date, did you kiss her"

Niall" Maybe" I said shyly

Louis"o snap"

then I walked to my room and mumbled more than a kiss. we may have made out.

Louis" Niall you dog, I didn't know you had it in you"

Harry' ive gotta give you credit horan"then winked at me I looked over at harrys bed to see

Jayden passed out and harry said we watched movies.

                                                             Katies POV

I walked in and ivy ran to the bathroom

ME"you didn't"

Ivy" we used protection, how was your date"

Katie" good"


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