Katie [a Niall Horan FanFic]

Katie is a 17 year old girl who falls in love with Niall but when hardships face then what will she do????????


5. The Concert

Katies Pov

I woke up in the morning excited for the concert. I know I met them and all but the concert would be great. I heard the shower going and Ivy singing The Best Song Ever. And Jayden wasn't in the room so I texted her.

Where are you??


Eating breakfast with Harry




So I got dressed and went down to breakfast to see if Niall was down there. And sure enough he was.

Niall:' Hey' he said in the happiest voice ever

Me: Hey

Just before I asked if her wanted to sit by me he kissed me. And Ivy came downstairs.

Ivy: OOOOOOO things are getting kinky

Me: hahahahahahaha no

Ivy just laughed and we all ate breakfast with each other and Jayden and Harry just kept laughing and laughing. that does get annoying trust me. Later on as we were getting ready. I wore a cropped top with the saying "kiss me im irish", white shorts with bows on them and black stilettos, a directioner infinity necklace and a cute mustache necklace on it. my hair was curled the beach wave way. When we got there the ticket guy looked at us funny

Jayden" What"

Ivy: We to hot for you

Guy" no you guys are being moved to the front row and here is backstage passes for you"

We all just thought sweet and went to our seats. After the concert was done we went backstage and Niall hugged me , Jayden went to talk to Harry and Ivy and Calum were making out in the corner.

Me:ooooooo Ivy

Ivy: go kiss your own boyfriend

Me: not in front of people

Jayden: Boyfriend??

Me: quit the act we all know bout you and harry.

Just then it slowly got quiet and Jayden shut up.

Louis:haha knew it

WE all laughed and went back to the hotel. Louis, Harry, Niall and I played fifa while Zayn slept and Liam, Ivy and Jayden just talked. At the end of the night we said goodbye it was actually kinda hard because it was the last time I would see Niall for a while. In the morning we all packed up and left Minneapolis. Once we got back to North Dakota my mom and dad gave me a hug and My brother said

"awww gingy is back"

Me"dont call me that"

He mimicked what I said and I went inside to text niall


            -  Directioner4ever

Hey sorry but we have sound check I have to go

         - Nialler

Ok bye




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