Katie [a Niall Horan FanFic]

Katie is a 17 year old girl who falls in love with Niall but when hardships face then what will she do????????


6. KATIE!!!!!!

*Two months Later*

                                                              Katies POV

Well its been two months since ive seen Niall we Skype, call and text all the time but it isn't the same as being right there with him. I got up and went to the kitchen where Jayden made breakfast [we share an apartment]. She made eggs and toast not fancy.

Jayden" Morning

Me: morning

we had a long conversation all of a sudden she said you better go you will be late for school. So I left and in the car I sang to one direction. At school there is this creepy kid Mason he is always staring at me and one day I toll him off he went off and cried , but yet he still stares!!!! Then there is this girl Destiny who thinks she is better than everyone she thinks im lying about the while Niall thing and thinks all of the photos of us are all photo shopped she has always made my life a living hell. After school I drove off all of a sudden




                                                                    Jaydens POV

Katie wasn't back yet we were supposed to meet Ivy to go to supper. I tried calling her but no answer I figured here phone was dead it was always dead she is always on that thing. Then I heard my phone

Me: Hello

Person: Jayden

ME: Yea

Person: this is Becky

We talked for a while then said that Katie was in a car accident

ME: omg how is she

Becky: S...s.....sh..e Died

The phone went silent and I said I had to go. I hung up called ivy and we both just cried over the phone we couldn't believe it. Then I had to call Niall

Niall: Hello

ME: Hey Niall" I said crying

Niall: whats wrong

Me: Well Katie umm was in a umm car accident and passes away"

I said it as fast as possible because I couldn't bear to hear it again.

Niall: Whens the funeral



*Authors note*

sorry its been so long things came up so I put two chapters sorry the second one is very short im getting tired.... well comment what you think thanx

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