Katie [a Niall Horan FanFic]

Katie is a 17 year old girl who falls in love with Niall but when hardships face then what will she do????????


7. After and the Funeral

Nialls POV

What Jayden just told me I couldn't believe I broke down and started to cry no one else was home but me. I thought of all the good times we have had when she laughed go I loved her laugh it was the cutest thing ever. I missed her already I hadn't seen here since the concert which was 2 months I was planning on suprising her when we have our break on tour, but that wudnt happen. what about the promise ring I got her........

Liam:Hey niall u ready

ME:for what

Liam: dude whats wrong

MEl: Katie passed away

Liam:O my god dude u okay


We talked for a while then went to the golf course and told the other guys about it they all hugged me and said sorry I couldn't help but cry.

                                                       Ivys POV

This couldn't be happening my best friend died I hated the thought or even sound of it I hope she sees me now so she knows she will me missed I wonder how niall, her parents and Jayden are doing I imagine just how I am.


Nialls POV

I woke up on the day of the funeral I barely got out of bed but i had to i wouldn't just skip katies funeral for the world. when i went downstairs everyone was waiting for me my eyes were red. Once we got there Ivy and Jayden gave me huge hugs.

Me: im going to go in

Jayden: want us to go with

Me: no i need alone time

I walked up to her coffin and cried but then i slipped her promise ring on her finger and walked away. After the funeral came the lunch. I visited with her family a lot

Alex: so are you her boyfriend

ME: yea who are you

Alex: im her brother

Alex and i talked a while then her cousin Alyssa came up to me

Alyssa: hey im Alyssa you must be Niall

me: yes i am she talked a lot about you and frog killing.

Alyssa: that would be me and that was fun

again we talked a while but then the other boys said we had to go so as i walked out i said bye to every one and walked out the door.

                                              Jaydens pov

Well Niall just left i could tell he didn't want to , ivy and alex are actually getting along. i have just been talking to family the guys and her old class mates. after supper was done ivy and i left and we would never see Katie again.............................

*authors note*

sorry really crappy chapter guys

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