Harry's Baby

After Melony Styles murdered she left a child and husband behind. Harry Styles, the husband was left to care for Darcy who is a sixteen year old now and has plans to run off with her punk boyfriend Edward. Edward is the type to most likely end up in prison. He has piercings and tattoos covered all over. When Harry sees Edward he is destined to break Edward and Darcy up. Will he do it or will Darcy run off? Read and find out.

This is also a copyright of mine and if you see anyone copy me plz comment the person. Thank you!


1. Prologue

                                    In 1997 a baby was born and I swear she had the sweetest smile I have ever seen. Maybe the cutest baby in the world, well to me she was. She was mine and being the happiest father I am my goal was to make sure she doesn't screw up her life. That is going to be a little hard since her gorgeous mom died when she was nine and that means I am the only one to left to take care of her. Unfortunately its not going as I planned and now she is dating this a-hole boyfriend. A total freak and would give her no future instead may get her arrested. Anyways just listen to the rest of this. Btw, you may know me as Harry Styles the famous singer and yea I am older now, and finally have a family.

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