Harry's Baby

After Melony Styles murdered she left a child and husband behind. Harry Styles, the husband was left to care for Darcy who is a sixteen year old now and has plans to run off with her punk boyfriend Edward. Edward is the type to most likely end up in prison. He has piercings and tattoos covered all over. When Harry sees Edward he is destined to break Edward and Darcy up. Will he do it or will Darcy run off? Read and find out.

This is also a copyright of mine and if you see anyone copy me plz comment the person. Thank you!


11. Chapter 9

           Darcy's P.O.V

        I secretly called my father that day for a meet up to say goodbye and I was planning to take Edward with me but he has no idea. Hoping things go well I stare at my new ring sitting on my finger well at least it looks nice and for  a bad boy the 20 karat diamond isn't so bad. My dad will freak seeing it, what ever for now I'm just going to get ready. Curling my hair, polishing my nails and putting on my sophisticated outfit I was ready. I tell Edward we are going out for Thai food and that I will drive. Half an hour later we were out the door.

          As I'm driving neither of us say a word. Driving and thinking about how I lost my V-card last night. I mean it was nice but I promised myself until I was married. Oh well things change and boy was it passionate. Edward snapped his fingers and I went back to reality.

 "What you thinking about beauty."

"Oh nothing just how good the food is going to be."

"Same" we flashes me a smile and I smile back.

           Uhh this is so depressing well maybe it isn't ever since last night my stomach is killing me and worst I have been having awful headaches. Thirty minutes later we finally arrive and I park my car.

                 As we walk in Edward makes a weird, confused face. "Let's make a run for it your dad is here."

"No we are all going to talk this through like adults."

"Last time I check were not eighteen and he can take you away."


"All right, anything for you." We approach my dad who looks about to kill. Sitting next to him was Josh my best friend since I was eight.

"Well Darc you brought the idiot along"

"Dad why is Josh with you and hey Josh long time no see"

"Let's get to the point Darcy your coming home with me and why do you have that hideous ring on your finger?"

           I look to Edward who looks ready to punch my dad for saying that after all it did belong to his dead mom's. Next I look over to Josh who has a total crush on me for yea since we meet. Then my dad who looks to be serious and has a very stern look on his face.

"By the way baby what would your mother say about this?"

"Last time I checked dad you and her got married at twenty when you ran off with her at eighteen."

"Yes but that was love honey, this is obsession and plus you know Josh and you were to be married at eighteen."

             Edward starts to open his mouth to speak as his fists clench. Thank god my dad bought out the entire restaurant for the hour. "No Mr. Styles all I have been is nice to you and your daughter. You may not see that but I do and unfortunately I love her so much that I car to spend the rest of my life with her."

               Finally Josh steps in as my friend I really counted on him to stand up to father.

"Edward news flash she is my fiancé and soon to be wife so back of " Josh shouts through the restaurant and pushes Edward. This make my headache hurt worse.

POOSH! Josh goes tumbling on to the floor as my dad starts to scream at Edward. I couldn't take it anymore and I leave out the place and get into my car. No one noticed. I started driving and that was a huge mistake, as I drove my headache was getting worse and my eyes got droopy. It hurts so bad that nest thing I knew all I could see is black.

                SWOOSH! CRASH! Was the last I heard.

      Edward P.O.V-

          I don't know what I did in the first place to make her dad hate me. Oh well I stood there screaming into that kid's Josh face about how much he needs to back off and things got out of hand. He was the first to push so that isn't my fault. As I punched that jerk her father was still screaming at me. Five minutes later we all realized Darcy was gone. Wait What the Hell!?!?!

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