Harry's Baby

After Melony Styles murdered she left a child and husband behind. Harry Styles, the husband was left to care for Darcy who is a sixteen year old now and has plans to run off with her punk boyfriend Edward. Edward is the type to most likely end up in prison. He has piercings and tattoos covered all over. When Harry sees Edward he is destined to break Edward and Darcy up. Will he do it or will Darcy run off? Read and find out.

This is also a copyright of mine and if you see anyone copy me plz comment the person. Thank you!


6. Chapter 4

                 Darcy's P.O.V

     Finally arriving to the drive in and a sweet boy meets me with a hug and flowers. How romantic...uhhhhhhhhh. Is it wrong to be so lovestruck? Noticing the time, I was 20 minutes late. Great!

"Hey sorry I am late, won't happen again" I said quickly trying to speed up so we can get to watch the movie quick.

"No problem, hey you look gorgeous tonight"


                    Edward's P.O.V

         She did you look beautiful tonight actually more than I ever seen her. Sad that I am going to breakup her. Only for good intentions and to protect her. Or maybe to protect I don't know. Tonight the movie that was playing was a classic, The Bride of Frankenstein.

        Watching the movie and cuddling, I just kept thinking what am I going to say, how will she take it, I don't want her to leave, maybe I do, I don't know! Could not focus on the movie my chest hurt. Wow I sound like a girl and this girl is making go crazy. This isn't healthy. Suddenly the credits start rolling and I realized my mind has been focusing on the breakup for two hours. It only seemed three minutes. Shaking the beauty that has fallen asleep in my arms I tap her until she waked up.

"Hey, is the movie over?" she asked while rubbing her tired eyes.

"Yea babe umm we have to talk" I could see the nervousness in her eyes when I said that.

"Is everything alright?"

"No...um...we can't be together anymore."

"Omg why what I do...tell me!"

"Its to protect you trust me you won't understand why."

"I understand totally your just a idiot who used me" tears were flowing down her eyes and she tried getting out of the car when I grabbed her wrist. "Ow! That actually hurts!"

"I'm sorry but I don't want you to leave"

"Hello! You just dumped me so I am leaving and for good"
"But I love you!"

"What? But you" I cut her off.

"Every girl I have been with I ended up hurting and I LOVE YOU TO MUCH TO HURT YOU!"

"Bye Edward, call me when you makeup your mined when you figure out what you want" she left and my heart felt exploded.



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