Harry's Baby

After Melony Styles murdered she left a child and husband behind. Harry Styles, the husband was left to care for Darcy who is a sixteen year old now and has plans to run off with her punk boyfriend Edward. Edward is the type to most likely end up in prison. He has piercings and tattoos covered all over. When Harry sees Edward he is destined to break Edward and Darcy up. Will he do it or will Darcy run off? Read and find out.

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15. Chapter 12 (Ending)

Darcy's P.O.V-

         The rest of my mind I couldn't keep my head straight. I just kept wondering and wondering .I don't know why I keep wondering about someone I never even met. After a while we started to go home but we weren't really.

"Umm you kinda missed the turn to my house." Oh god does he want to have sex in a random place now.

"I know I have a surprise for you."

"Listen I don't want to have sex tonight."

"I know sweetheart and it isn't that." So I just nodded and looked away tonight I really don't care what it is as long I can stop thinking about this jerk. I wanted to speak to Josh so not to hear my thoughts.

"I'm surprised you didn't scream at me for dancing with that guy."

"I know, but this specific night isn't for that." I didn't even bother to ask why I just looked away.

         Finally arriving I realized where we were, a graveyard. The same one that we buried my mom. This turned me angry i haven't been here since we buried her. So I just turned around and slapped him. He knew it hurt to much to come here for me.

"Your a fucking fucktard how could you! Why?"

"I'm sorry just listen and follow me to explain." Tears started to roll silently down my eyes but I still listened. Following him, while he held a flashlight we looked for the tombstone of Melony Styles it would read beloved mother, sister and wife. My father engraved a quote from her journal under all the other writing. It would say, "Life's a book you have the conflicts, the moments that make you want the to cry and then at the end there's happy ever after, one way or another." Even though I haven't been here in years I never forgot what her tombstone looked like I remember every detail. Even what her stone was made of black marble with white engraving. Finally finding her stone I was surprised to find my dad standing next to it. So I ran to give him the biggest hug ever and cry into his shoulder.

"Baby it's okay, don't worry right now it isn't about her it's about you okay. Sweetheart you can let go now." So i did and turned around to face him as he began to speak.

"Now that your whole family is here I would you like to ask you a question."

"Alright shoot." Josh got on one knee , oh my god what would mom say about this.

"Darcy K Styles will you do me the honors of making me the happiest guy alive by marrying me after graduation." I was speechless so I just looked at my dad who nodded, so I just said yes. Still don't know how I feel about this. So I took off the ring that I wore ever since I woke up in the hospital and replaced it with the 25 karat diamond ring.


Melony's P.O.V-

     Heaven is real and I am watching over her. As I watch this is actually pretty sad to me. My daughter can't be with him when she doesn't love him. Off course my beloved husband introduces her to the worst guys that aren't her type. She really was meant for Edward. Sadly saying that guy has even earned my respect for all the things he has done for her. I wish my darling Haz would notice. At least catch the way he stares at her. Just like Hazzie use to stare at me.Yes she can do better but love always wins. Those two remind me of Harry and me when we just started dating. My parents hated him, they told me that if I marry that guy then they won't leave me the inheritance. I didn't care I just married him, the money never mattered to neither of us. We just lived our happily ever after. What do they say for better or worse. I love those two but so disappointed. I wish I could stop this.


Harry P.O.V-

       I must be terrible but awfully overjoyed that they aren't together. Now Darcy can be a wife to a proper wealthy gentleman who won't let anything happen to her. She will have a secure future and make no mistakes. My plan worked, hopefully Melony is proud of me.

Edward + Darcy Flashback

Darcy- Love, why do people make such a big deal about it?

Edward- Because it is a big deal

Darcy- So your saying what we have is a big deal

Edward- Nope its a huge deal. Now kiss me.


They were right it was a short relationship but it was a damn good one. Better then any of them hand. It would have been perfect, although there was the crash. I wonder if they find each other again one day.

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