Harry's Baby

After Melony Styles murdered she left a child and husband behind. Harry Styles, the husband was left to care for Darcy who is a sixteen year old now and has plans to run off with her punk boyfriend Edward. Edward is the type to most likely end up in prison. He has piercings and tattoos covered all over. When Harry sees Edward he is destined to break Edward and Darcy up. Will he do it or will Darcy run off? Read and find out.

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13. Chapter 10

Darcy's P.O.V-

                   Waking up I see a bright white light burning my eyes, a air mask covering my mouth and people in white cheering that I finally woke up. But the strange thing is I don't remember what happened. Nor do I remember who I am strange. Even the doctor asked me some basic questions and I was more confused than a baby at birth.

Edward's P.O.V-

                The doctor rushes to us and his face is as pale as snow. I quickly think the worst as the doctor tries to spit some words out. "Tell us doctor is she all right" I ask and he gives me a motionless glare. "Umm...She seems to forget almost everything. We aren't sure but we believe she has permanent amnesia. She can't even remember that her mother died." Her father and I gasp at the same time. I bet she doesn't even remember me, I thought to myself. Harry or Mr. Styles gave me a death glare and asked if he could pull me aside.

"Hey, Edward listen, I know we got on the wrong foot but I think with Darcy's memory you should leave her alone."

"But I love her and what you mean leave her alone for how long."

"I know you love her but she doesn't need a boyfriend right now and probably forever."

"I can't do that to Darcy were engaged."

"Oh really how will you guys get married you need parents consent."

"We will figure it out."

"Listen with her injuries she doesn't even remember you so it would be best if you leave and if you truly love her you will. In fact Darcy was telling me about the university you want to go to. I'll promise to pay off your full tuition if you get in."

"I don't need your money just let me say goodbye to Darcy." He nodded to me and i quietly slipped into Darcy's room. Sadly she was sleeping so i just kissed the top of her head and whispered I love you. I couldn't bear staying there so I just stormed out and drove off on my motorcycle. My heart literally broke that moment.

A/N Sorry i haven't posted in months but i have been updating on the bitch inside so i hope you like that anyways thanx for liking this book and all i will be posting up another chapter soon and it would be the last chapter or 2 before i start book 2 for Harry's baby



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