New Moon Rising

Growing up in Dark Moon was a struggle for me not because i was only half werewolf but because i was also half witch. Everyone hated me, stayed away from me, or pitied me. It was something i didn't need. So when i got out i was happy. I promised myself i would never go back. I wouldn't let anyone else make me feel like i was less than trash anymore. My freedom didn't last as long as i hoped though


13. Where I stood


I don't know what I've done
Or if I like what I've begun
But something told me to run
And honey you know me it's all or none-

missy higgins where i stood


“Are you ready for this?” Julianne asked grabbing my hand for support.


I released a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding and sighed. It was now or never.


“As I’ll ever be.”


I gave the house a reproachful look before walking up the small hill to get to the door. I took a deep breath before giving the doorbell a ring. It took a moment before the door opened. My eyes widened, my breath stuck in my throat, and I deeply regretted not waiting for Liam to get done with his work. 


“Well well if it isn’t Ms. Jocelyn Gray. Didn’t expect to ever see you again, and look you have a friend.” he said smiling at me.


His eyes shifted to Julianne raking her body over hungrily. I cleared my throat.


“If you’re done eye fucking my friend, we’re actually here for a reason.” I said braver than I actually felt.


If I hadn’t known what kind of person Luke was, I would of thought he was handsome. He was taller, short spiky  brown hair covered his head, green eyes. He was a total lady killer and I felt sorry for the girls who would ever come in contact with him. He gave me a tight lipped smiled opened the door wider and stepped out of the way.


“See you still have a mouth on you, I like it. Well come on I’ll take you to my brother.”


We walked up some stairs to the third floor of the house, Luke opened a door and we followed behind him. It was a spacious room set up to be a sitting area to the left were two close doors rooms I’m assuming. He continued to walk to the end of the hall. As julianne and I neared where he was standing we could here grunts coming from behind the doors, it was obvious he was doing something or someone


“Oh James, right there. Yes yes yes.” a voice said from behind the door.


My suspicions were correct  so he was doing someone I didn’t care. Then why did it feel like my heart was being ripped out of my chest and someone was viciously stomping on it. Luke opened the door. On the bed lay a busty red head gripping the sheets as James slammed away inside of her. Head thrown back in ecstasy he looked up and our eyes locked his body stilled. He went to speak but I beat him to it.


“By all means continue, don’t stop on our account we’ll just wait for you down stairs.” I said monotonously.


I turned and headed back the way I came luke jogged up to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I didn’t even care to push him away I was upset and I didn’t even know why.


“Now you know we’re all just alike in this family.”


Anger coursed the my veins removing previous feelings. I shoved him off of me and he hit the wall. His face was shocked at how I could posses so much strength.


“You fucking knew and you brought us up here. You’re an ass and I’m… I’m just stupid. Julianne lets go we’re leaving.” 


It was a mistake coming here I knew it I should have just left a message on his phone. Who cares if he got it or not I wouldn’t have had to deal with this.


“It sucks doesn’t it. Having your blinders ripped off.” I heard him say behind us.


I didn’t even dignify him with an answers I just kept steadily making my way down the stairs. As I neared the front Mrs. Langley appeared in front of me. I stopped just short of colliding into her.


“Hi Mrs. Langley.” I said a bit breathlessly.


“Hi sweetheart. Where are you off to in such a rush?” she asked a small frown gracing her flawless features.


“ I mean we were just leaving.” I said gesturing to julianne.


“Oh no you have to stay you only just got here, it was quite a long drive rest a little.” she said her eyes pleading.


I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, I looked over at julianne she looked a bit tired so I conceded.


“Sure Mrs. Langley we’ll stay for a bit.”


“Oh good it’ll be good to catch up.” she said grabbing my hand and leading me out to the veranda.


“You girls wait here I’ll  go and bring back some snacks.” 


She left back through the door julianne sat down one of the chairs while I leaned against the railing taking in the view. It was picturesque view of the mountains the green of the trees lining it. It was one thing I loved about living in the middle of nowhere the view. It was much like my own there was nothing like waking up to it the sun rising and setting over it. I sighed and sat on the wicker loveseat.


“I’m sorry.” Julianne’s voice said slicing through my thoughts.


“You didn’t do anything wrong so there’s no need to be.”


“I know it’s just I thought-”


“I know me to.” I said cutting her off.


Mrs. Langley came back out carrying a tray of sandwiches, cookies and a pitcher of lemonade. The site of food made my stomach rumble, I realized I hadn’t eaten since we left. The sound of my doctors voice telling me I need to eat more and healthier rang through my head making me grimace. She sat the plate down and sat next to me on the seat.


“I’m so sorry to hear about your father.” she said placing a hand to my shoulder.


“ Me too it’s kind of a shocker.”


“It’s a big blow to the board to, he was one of our oldest. It’s going to be hard to find a replacement for your father. He was pretty much the glue keeping the board together. If not for him being their we would be at war.”


“What do you mean?” I asked her confused.


I took a bite of one of the cookies and waited for her to go on.


“Not everyone on that board should be there, but it all about status and what family you come from. Most of the people there are power hungry and always after more land.  Your father was in charge of seeing to who got more land. You didn’t know?”


“Honestly my father was gone so much we never really spoke, and the few times I went with him out of the country or wherever I was saddled with a babysitter so I basically just stayed in my room wherever we were.”


She gave me a sad smile and didn’t say anything. She looked over at julianne.


“I’m sorry I’ve been concerned with catching up with Jocelyn I’ve completely ignored you. My name is Karen Langley as Jocelyn has probably informed. You can just call me karen as much I tried to get Jocelyn to call me that when she was younger it was always Mrs. Langley even now.” she said nudging my side a little. 


I smiled this was true she was always visiting the pack house because james was there.


“It’s nice to meet you my name is Julianne Somers. I’m the secretary of dark moon.”


I looked over at julianne and gave her an apologetic smile honestly I forgot she was here. She had been quietly sipping her lemonade and eating the peanut butter cookies.


“So have you girls found your mates yet?”


“No.” Julianne and I both said a little sadly


“Hard to believe pretty young girls such as yourselves. I always thought you and james would be together but that’s just me hoping for a wonderful daughter in law.”


“I have to go to the bathroom.” julianne said standing.


“Of course dear. Through the door to your right at the end of the hall on your left.”


When she went through the door Mrs. Langley began her tirade. I should have known this would come.


“So you can’t fool me what’s going on with you and James he came back in a huff after your fathers funeral.”


“Mrs. Langley I can assure that whatever went on between your son and I it now ceases to exist. I can assure you that.” I said with finality etched in my voice


It was true and I realized that now and maybe james realized it to which was why he was getting lost inside some red head. The door opened and I expected to see julianne. Instead it was james well speak of the devil.


“Mom could you give Jocelyn and I a moment alone?”


She looked at me and I nodded my head in a its cool fashion.


“Fine, Jocelyn if you need me I’ll be in the living room.” she said standing up and going through the door.


“I thought you hated this place why are you here?” he asked looking out over the veranda not bothering to look my way.


“You think I would actually come here just for pleasantries?  I mean your brother is still lecherous but at least he doesn’t hide it.” I said incredulously .


“You wouldn’t answer your phone so I had to come here and tell you I was pregnant, but know that I think about it that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason for me to even be here. It’s obvious you don’t want to talk to me and that’s cool I don’t care. It’s just certain people thought you should know, and now I’m thinking that was a bad idea.” 


I stood up prepared to walk through the door when I felt his hand grasp my shoulder. I shrugged it off and turned around.


“Don’t. Don’t you dare fucking touch me.”


He took his hand back and rubbed it through his hair, anger and pain were evident in his face.


“Part of me is growing inside you? Our child my pup.” he said with tenderness in his voice.


“Stop you don’t get to speak anymore. I wasn’t sure before if what I wanted was to end things with you. I thought maybe I was rash in my decision even when you called my a slut. Which was ridiculous by the way. I still thought maybe if he comes back we can work this out. It’s obvious I was weak, but I am sure now.  I’m letting you go do what want screw who you want, because in the end we were never really together. Maybe I was just another one of those girls you fucked around with. I don’t blame you it’s not your fault I was naïve. I’ll just consider this another lesson learned.”


“That’s not true, you weren’t. You’re not-”


“You don’t have to say anything, like I said do what you want. I’m not going tell you that you can’t be a part of our child’s life, it’s up to you to put forth the effort.”


I left him standing on the veranda and went back in the house to find julianne sitting on the couch with Mrs. Langley.


“I’m ready to leave julianne if you are. Mrs. Langley it was nice to see you again we shouldn’t wait this long to talk. Your son has my number.” I walked over and hugged her tight.


“You’re so right, it was nice meeting you Julianne.” She said hugging her also.


We walked out of the house and to the car.


“I can drive if you want me to.” 


“No It’s cool, plus Liam would have a fit if I let you.” she said getting in the drivers seat.


I got in and saw james standing atop the hill, our eyes locked and we stared at each other for a moment. I broke contact first to put on my seat belt, julianne started the car up and we headed out.

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