New Moon Rising

Growing up in Dark Moon was a struggle for me not because i was only half werewolf but because i was also half witch. Everyone hated me, stayed away from me, or pitied me. It was something i didn't need. So when i got out i was happy. I promised myself i would never go back. I wouldn't let anyone else make me feel like i was less than trash anymore. My freedom didn't last as long as i hoped though


9. No idea

I opened my eyes to blinding sun that beat down upon me, warming my. My fingers fisted a handful of grass, I blinked getting use to the sun. the sweet smell of wild flowers filled my nostrils I sat up and saw why. I lay in a field of wild flowers and tall grass blowing in the breeze. In the distance was a lone tree with a figure sitting underneath it. I stood and made my way over to the tree as I neared the woman noticed my presence and stood. She had on a long flowing gown made of sheer material with nothing under it. Her black hair was pulled into a bun on top of her head. I went to speak but she beat me to it.


“I see you have finally awakened.”


“Yes well… Where am I?”


“The place we are has no name, it’s just the in between.”


“What’s the place  in between?”


“The place where spirits come to rest after death until it’s there time to move on.”


“So I’m dead?”


She smiled softly “ No sweetie you’re not dead, you can wake up anytime.”


“What do you mean.”



“Your powers have awakened, your spirit has just crossed over to this plane. As I am a guardian of this plane so to are you.”


“So I’m dead then.”


“No I’m dead you are not you have the ability to travel planes as well as other abilities like bending the elements. It’s no accident you’ve wound up here from here on out I will be your teacher.”




“Your mother was not around to teach you your ancestry. A pity, no worries we will talk again for now wake up child.”


She reached her hand out and touched me a warm sensation begin to fill my body. I was slowly disappearing my body turning to mist. When I opened my eyes again I was in my room a heart monitor sat to my left and Liam to my right with a tight grip on my hand. I moved my hand and his head snapped up I went to speak, but my voice croaked and nothing came out. He handed me a glass of water from my night stand. I drank it in three gulps. My throat was intensely dry.



“What happened?”


“ I was hoping you could tell me that. I came outside as the tree was falling and saw you lying on the ground.”


“Oh… James and I were arguing, things were said, I got really angry and the next thing I know he’s flying across the yard hitting a tree. Well know I’m here. I must look really incompetent as a new alpha, I need to focus on my fathers funeral.”




I looked at him but he was looking away from me down at the ground his jaw was clenched shut and his brow creased in frustration.


“Liam what is it.”


A sense of dread filled me and the stupid heart monitor was pissing me off. 


“Liam tell me what’s wrong.”


“Is that an order?”


“No it’s a friend asking you to tell them something they need to know. I am a friend aren’t I?”


“Jocelyn you are a friend I just don’t want to be the one that has to tell you this, but since James is gone-”


“Wait James is gone, why?”


“After your fathers funeral and the party, he left. This was two days ago.”


“Whose idea was it to go on with the funeral?”


“It was James’ idea, he has the power to become temporary alpha in the event something like this happens. I‘m going to go get Sophie let her know you are awake.”


“Sophie is?”


“She’s the pack doctor.”


He left closing the door behind him leaving me to my thoughts, why was everything always so difficult for me. I sighed running my fingers through my hair, the stupid iv in my arm making it difficult. Everything was happening way to fast, I didn’t get to see my father maybe this would seem more real. Instead of it feeling like every other time when he was away on business. Leaving me here by myself with one of the pack mothers.


“Good to see you’re finally awake.” 


Sophie I’m guessing said walking  in with a friendly smile breaking me from my thoughts. Liam was right behind her closing the door.




“Liam be a dear and leave us to talk for a few moments.”


He left silently without a word.


“Is there something wrong with me?”


“No you just over exerted yourself to much. You have a great amount of power within you and if you don’t learn to manage it, this could happen again. Your body needed to rest, coupled with the fact that you’re a bit malnourished. Did you eat properly when you lived by yourself?”


“I mean I was eating proper food, not always at a proper time and not always when I was hungry. I mean it gets there the same way doesn’t it?”


“Well that’s definitely going to need to change, now that you’re pregnant.”


“Excuse me, what?”


“You’re pregnant, almost three months along. I’m going to get you some prenatal vitamins to take, and I’m also going to make sure you’re being properly fed three meals a day. You have someone else to worry about now. You get some rest and I’ll come back later.”


“But how can I be pregnant?”


“You don’t need me to tell you that.”


She gave me a smile and left. This couldn’t be happening to me not now. Did I even want kids, the only thing I know is that I’m definitely not qualified to have a baby. And then there’s James I have to worry about. What was I going to do about that. He’s usually the one I would call if I needed to talk to someone. I was going to have to do that now. Even if I’m not on the best terms with him now, it his child. I don’t have the right to keep something like that from him. Dear life why me?

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