New Moon Rising

Growing up in Dark Moon was a struggle for me not because i was only half werewolf but because i was also half witch. Everyone hated me, stayed away from me, or pitied me. It was something i didn't need. So when i got out i was happy. I promised myself i would never go back. I wouldn't let anyone else make me feel like i was less than trash anymore. My freedom didn't last as long as i hoped though


5. New friends, old faces

Sleep wasn’t something that was on my mind when I dropped my bags off in my room and crawled into bed. I had planned on sobbing quietly into my pillow and feeling sorry for myself, I couldn’t do either of those things though. I had to plan my dads funeral, and read pack law regarding a way I could get out of being alpha. Not to mention figure out my feelings for James, I got up from my bed and stretched. I stood in front of my door, I couldn’t make my legs go any further than that. I didn’t want to walk out of my room and realize that everything was the same. I didn’t want to feel like an outcast again for people to be unnecessarily cruel to me; I had enough of that when I was younger. Leaving dark moon and going off to college was supposed to make me a stronger and better person, and in a way it did. I like the fact that no one knew who I was or what I was, and I was judged on my personality and character. It was time for me to grow a pair a balls and be a stronger person and not take anyone’s shit. I took a deep breath, opened my door and walked out into a muscular chest that felt like a brick wall.

“What the fuck?” I said rubbing my head.

“I’m sorry I was about to knock on your door when it opened abruptly.” he said in a warm comforting tone.

I looked up at the man whose voice sounded oddly familiar.

“Well you have my attention now, so what can I do for you?” I asked light heartedly trying to dissolve the growing tension in the hall.

“Ah yes well it’s about your father funeral we need you to approve before we can start preparations.” he said cautiously.

“Oh umm ok, I can do that.”

“It’s the standard burial for and alpha I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with it.”

“Yeah I am. I didn’t catch your name by the way.”

He let out a little chuckle and smiled.

“I knew you didn’t remember me, its Liam.”

I thought for a moment no way it couldn’t be him, he was the only Liam I knew here though.

“No I do remember you though you’ve changed a lot. I mean not that you were bad when you were little it’s just that-. Sorry I‘m rambling you must think I‘m and idiot.”

He gave me a killer smile and rubbed my arm, he really has changed from and adorable boy to a gorgeous man. Gone where his adorable baby cheeks and light green eyes, it was know replaced with chiseled features, dimples you could swim in, and intense dark green eyes. He grew too, I remembered being taller than him now I have to look up at him.

“Don’t worry, I know where you’re coming from. I’m definitely not a runt anymore, and you’ve changed too for the better. I’m glad you got away from here.”

I blushed and looked down twiddling my fingers

“We should probably go get the paper work done, we can walk and talk.” I said nervously.

“Yes we can, by the way flustered looks cute on you.” he said placing a hand at the small of my back and leading down the steps to a office adjacent it.

I looked everywhere but him while he let out a deep chuckle. I sat down in one of the chairs while he pulled out some paperwork. I admit I was checking him out while he was looking at the papers. I could see every on of his muscles in his form fitting shirt. He was lean and sinewy, definitely a far cry from the scrawny child I knew back then.

“So you have your own office, that’s cool.”

“Like I said I’ve changed your looking at head of defense for the pack.”

“That’s really amazing, I’m so proud of you.”

He gave me a smile and looked back down at his paper work, if ii wasn’t mistaken I saw a blush on his cheeks. I smiled to myself it was so easy talking to him like meeting up with a long lost friend which we were in a way. I’m partly the cause of why we had to stop hanging out, his mom was the other part her ignorance kept us from being friends.

“Mainly it just a guest list of all the alphas and there mates coming as well as people that your father knew from other packs coming. Also alphas from neighboring packs.”

“This seems like something a secretary would do?”

“It is this is just a copy Julianne will get with you tomorrow probably to go over the other stuff. I’m just letting you know about who’s coming since I’m over protection and such.”

“Oh ok, I probably wouldn’t be much help, so I’ll just give you permission to do what you think is necessary for the funeral.”

“Ok yeah you probably want to go over pack law and relearn the landscape again, if you’re not busy later we can go for a run.

“Uh yeah, yeah that’s cool we can do that.”

“Alright how about around nine-ish, that at least gives you a few hours to read over everything and get something to eat.”

At the mention of food my stomach began to rumble

“Yeah I guess I’ll go get something to eat now. See you later.”

I left and closed the door to his office and headed to the kitchen the blonde that was kissing James was in there along with two other girls I wasn’t familiar with. The blonde and the red head both gave me dirty looks while the brunette smiled warmly at me.

“I’m Julianne you probably don’t remember me that’s aurora and rowan.” she said pointing to the blonde and the red head.

They were both giving her looks as if she had grown a second head for talking to me. Those two I remember clearly they made my life here hell. Throwing sticks or rocks at me calling me names you name it they probably did it to me.

“I’m sorry I don’t I wasn’t or still aren’t well liked here apparently, so I didn’t spend to much time away from my room.”

“You’re right you still aren’t liked here so you might as well take you’re things back to where you came from and leave.” aurora said with a nasty attitude.

“Aurora that’s no way to talk to an alpha let al-.”

“Thanks julianne but I can handle my own battles. Look you little bleach blonde skank you might have gotten away with picking on me when I was little, but I’m not going to stand for now. So you can check your fucking attitude at the door or not talk in my presence at all. Are we clear about that.”

She harrumphed and walked out the door with the rowan following behind her heels, I looked over and saw julianne smiling at me. I went and sat down next to her.

“Sorry about cutting you off, but she pisses me off. I don’t want her thinking I’m the same kid she mess with.”

“No it’s okay she needs to be put in her place she walks around thinking she can have anyone she wants.”

“Yeah I’m just the person to put her there. I don’t what her problem is with me beside the fact that I’m half witch half wolf.”

“She wants James for herself but he wants you.”

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