New Moon Rising

Growing up in Dark Moon was a struggle for me not because i was only half werewolf but because i was also half witch. Everyone hated me, stayed away from me, or pitied me. It was something i didn't need. So when i got out i was happy. I promised myself i would never go back. I wouldn't let anyone else make me feel like i was less than trash anymore. My freedom didn't last as long as i hoped though


11. It's Complicated

I knew I was back in the dream world when I felt the suns warmth radiating over my body and the familiar breeze of the balmy wind. I opened my eyes shielding them from the sun with my hand. I was back in that same field. I stood hoping  to see the woman I had talked to before. Finding her nowhere insight I made my up the hill to see if I could get a better view of my surroundings. I didn’t expect to see a run down ghost town at the base of the hill. Nor did I expect to see a gleaming white castle further beyond it. It looked as if I walked through the ghost town I could get to it. I began to make my descent down the hill, as I neared the bottom a throat cleared behind me. I jumped nearly a foot in the air and turned around clutching at my heart as if it would stop the mini heart attack I was having. Before me sat a shirtless man on a midnight black horse. What kind of alpha was I going to make if I couldn’t even here a horse sneak up on me.  Like the woman who greeted me before he had on the same white cotton material pants. A stark contrast to the horses mane, looking at the it was then I realized that this situation could be one of those old spice commercial I see on TV. I stifled a laugh to myself. He was very handsome though dark brown eyes, soft looking pink lips, washboard abs. I was staring and it was painfully obvious. I brought my eyes back up to his a smirk played on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes. I cleared my throat.


“Um hello?” I said to be cordial but it came out more as a question.


“Go on then, get an eyeful.”


Laughter played in his voice, but a blush was beginning to adorn my face. How could I be so obvious about staring at him. I ran my fingers through my hair and blew out a breath.


“You don’t want to be walking through those parts little miss. Unless you belong there? You don’t look like you belong there little miss do ya?”


I shook my head no and then thought better of it.


“I mean no and my name is Jocelyn not little miss.” 


I meant for my voice to come out strong and not that measly squeak that just happened. I was definitely not worthy of being and alpha at the moment. He let out a bark of laughter, when he laughed you could tell it was genuine. He laughed with his whole body shoulder shaking head thrown back as if what I said was the most funny thing he had ever heard. He finally stopped laughing which was good because I kind of felt like kicking him.


“So where are you trying to get to?” he asked wiping tears from his eyes.


“That castle in the distance.”


“You thought you could get there by walking through the town did ya.”




“Well it’s a good thing I go to you before that happened, not even the bravest men would go through there.”




“Common sense little miss, now hop on up you’re in luck were going to the same place.”


Reluctantly I did as he said he reached out a hand and helped me up. I wrapped my arms firmly around him I wasn’t about to fall off a horse.


“My name is Patrick by the way.”


With that he took off as if saying his name meant for me to be prepared.



I was glad Patrick did come along, because it turned out the castle was in fact farther than I had first imagined it took us nearly and hour to get there and if I would have walked it would have been even longer. As we neared the castle it loomed over us a great white what went around it two guards stood before the gate when they saw us coming the opened it. They made and arm crossing gesture over their chest to Patrick and did the same. In side the wall were homes like the ones you see in medieval times only they were well kept and not shabby looking. They were decorated in bright colors with flowers blooming all around the yards. We rode another five minutes before finally reaching the castle, I was glad because my but was hurting all that bouncing around was not pleasant. He rode the horse in the stable and hopped down helping me off afterwards. He closed the gate and gave the horse and apple before pulling me off in the direction toward the doors of the castle.


“Who are you here to see?”


He asked as we entered the castle doors, truthfully I had no idea what her name was or any inkling if she would be here or not.


“Well I don’t exactly know, she said she was a guardian so I assumed she would be here. I guess that was dumb of me to assume such a thing though.”


“Ah you’re looking for Allegra no problem I can take you too her.”


He led me down a long hallway before stopping in front of a door and pushing It open. Inside sat the woman I had talked to before and a man I’d never seen before with his arm wrapped firmly around her. Like Patrick he was sporting the same pants and was just as shirtless. I was beginning to suspect that it was some form of uniform.  She looked up when she heard the intrusion a smile graced her face when she saw me. She removed the mans hand from her and came over to hug me. I was startled but wrapped my arms around her all the same. She was wearing another one of her sheer maxi looking dresses.


“I didn’t expect you back so soon.”


“Honestly I don’t even know how I keep coming back here. I closed my eyes and bam I somehow managed to end up here.”


“Well that’s not such a bad thing it means we can start training right away.”


“Training? Training for what?”


“You remember what we talked about right?”


She questioned raising her eyebrow at me like a mom about to scold there child.


“Of course it was really ridiculous. I mean yeah my mother was a witch but I don’t see how that has any merit to do with me right now. I don’t even see that side of  my family.”


“Oh sweetie don’t worry I explain everything to you.”


“Excuse us boys.” she said with a wave of her hand.



Once again I was being led up some stairs and down another hallway the decorating style of the palace kind of reminded me a lot of the pack house. We stopped in front of a large white door with gold trimmings, she turned the knob and we entered. The walls were painted a pale pink with vines painted on them as if the where creeping up the walls. The floor was a mahogany wood color, in the center of  the room was a four poster queen sized bed with a green duvet and pale pink pillow cases. She pulled me over to a desk in the corner. She rifled around through a drawer before coming back up with a picture. In it was a picture of  my father and a very pregnant her. The picture frame slipped from my fingers I backed away from her slowly, she made a move to come near me but I held out my hand signaling her not to come near me. This really couldn’t be happening she couldn’t be trying to tell me what I think she was. I felt my heart beat quickening if I didn’t calm down I knew I was going to pass out. I tried to slow my breathing all the while trying to process the fact that this women could be my own mother. My legs hit her bed and I slumped down on it, I ran hands over my face feeling the moistness on my cheeks from tears I hadn’t realized were falling. 


“Honey I should have told you when I first saw you, but you were just so surprised that you were here, I didn’t want to overwhelm you even more.”


“I need to leave I can’t be here right now, I don’t want to be here right now.”


“Sweetheart just please understand this is what I didn’t want to happen, but I needed you to know.”


“Fine I’ll stay but you’re going to teach me how to come and go as I please.”


“Ok.” she said a smile gracing her face once again.



It took hours but I finally got the hang of it thanks to my mom and the help of her new husband, he was really attractive for and old guy like Patrick he was amazingly fit. He was of Asian decent possibly the hottest Asian guy I had ever seen, his name was Adhi.


“Alright doll, I think that’s enough for today, I don’t want you to exert yourself too much.”


She was laying on the terms of endearment way to thick, but I shook it off. She was my mom after all I’m assuming its what they did. 

“Ok when do you want me to come back.”


“It should be soon, but I understand if you are busy at home.”


“I’ll try to set aside some time to come here.”


She smiled and gave me a hug.


“Now you get going.”


“Bye Adhi, by mom.”


I closed my eyes and did what I had been doing for the past couple of hours, visualizing where I wanted to go. I pictured my room, my soft bed, my work desk, TV. When I opened my eyes again I was in my room and Liam was coming in with a plate of breakfast food.


“I’m honestly not hungry.” I said to him as he sat the plate on my lap.”


“Think of the baby.”




 I snatched the food away from him and shoveled some eggs in my mouth.


“See I’m eating.”


“Whoa pregnancy hormones kicking into high gear already.” he said with a laugh in his voice.


I just glared at him and continued to eat the food on my plate.


“So did you tell him.” he asked sitting in the chair next to my bed.


“I tried to but he basically told me not to talk to him again.”


“Are you just going to go on with life and not tell him about his child. He has a right to know.”


“You don’t think I know that, but what am I supposed to do if he doesn’t even want to talk to me.”


“Go to him in person and tell him, he would look like a coward if he ran away from you.”


The fork stilled in my mouth I didn’t want to go to James’ fathers territory. I sincerely hated that man and james brother. I didn’t understand how james could come from the same family.


“I think I’ll just keep calling him he’s bound to get angry and pick up the phone to scream at me. Before he can do that I will tell him. See I’ll start now.”


I picked up my phone and started to type in his number, but Liam smacked the phone out of my hand.


“Nope go to him in person.”


We silently stared at each other until I gave up and agreed to do it.




“Don’t worry I’ll come with you. You’ll be ok.”


“You would do that for me?”


“Of course what are friends for. ”

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