New Moon Rising

Growing up in Dark Moon was a struggle for me not because i was only half werewolf but because i was also half witch. Everyone hated me, stayed away from me, or pitied me. It was something i didn't need. So when i got out i was happy. I promised myself i would never go back. I wouldn't let anyone else make me feel like i was less than trash anymore. My freedom didn't last as long as i hoped though


10. he needs to know

WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT.... you've been warned not much else I can say about that. Also I wrote this on my phone so there might be some errors I will fix that later on.










I rarely got visitors, but when I heard the car pull into the drive

way I automatically knew who it was. Even before the ignition

was killed, the car door slamming, and the knocking on my

door. I made my way down the stairs to get the door, he stood

there smiling arms crossed over his chest.


"Don't tell me my father sent you to check up on me again?"


He smiled knowingly and walked in pulling me flush against his

warm body. My body immediately relaxed into his I rested my

head against his stomach. He closed the door and pulled me

over to the couch where he sat with me in his lap.


"I don't mind if it means I get to see you."


His breath caressed my ear sending shivers down my spine I

fought the urge to stop it. His mouth held a smirk that I

wanted to wipe off his face.


"I'm sure my fathers beta has more important things to do

than spend them checking up on his daughter."


"That's probably true but I wouldn't trade places with what I'm

doing know."


A moan escaped my lips as he placed kisses on my neck. He

turned me around so I was straddling his lap, and captured

my lips with his, kissing me hungrily. I sighed running my

fingers through his hair, he took the chance to slip his tongue

in my mouth and deepen the kiss. He pulled away his eyes

swirling with hunger and lust.


"To many clothes." He growled.


He easily ripped away the flimsy camisole I was wearing and

unclaspsed my bra. His hands cupped my breast placing a kiss

on each nipple before nipping at them with his teeth. Need

coursed through my body. My head fell back and my back

arched as the pleasure ran through my veins. I instinctively

rocked my hips against the hard bulge in his pants. I pulled his

shirt up over his head momentarily stopping his assault on my  

breast. He went back caressing and nipping at my breast. I

reached down and undid the button and zipper of his pants. I

slipped a hand inside the waistband of his boxers gripping his

throbbing manhood. He stilled and groaned into my neck, I

slid off his lap and pulled at his pants and boxers he lifted his

hips making it easier to do so. I sank to my knees and smiled up

at him before wrapping my lips around his length and swirling

my tongue around the tip. He groaned his head falling back

against the couch, gripping a fistful of my hair. I slid my mouth

slowly down him adjusting to his size. I continued my slow

torture on him until he was holding my head still thrusting

into my mouth. I slid my fingers inside my pants and rubbed

against my pearl and past the folds to my waiting center. I

moaned against James' manhood causing him to fill my mouth

with his seed. He pulled me up from the ground and layed me

on couch removing my pants and my hand. I frowned up at



"My turn kitten."


His tongue swirled around my clit driving me insane. He drove

two fingers inside my waiting center causing pants of pleasure to escape my mouth. His

fingers rubbed against the bundle of sensitive nerves building

my climax. My hands gripped his hair tightly. I pouted when

he removed his fingers, he smiled up at me and slipped his

tongue inside continuing where he left off.


"Mmm James." I moaned biting my lip.


"That's it babe ride my mouth." he commanded.

My orgasm ripped through my body, leaving me shaking and

quivering. He kissed up my body and captured my lips he took

my distraction to slip inside me. I gasped I was never going to

get used to his size. His eyes held mine as thrust he slow and

deep inside me. They held passion, lust, and no nope it wasn't

that. I closed my eyes trying to get rid of what I saw in his. I

lost myself with his body meeting him thrust for thrust. I

flipped us over so I could take control. My hips grinding on his

length. My fingers digging into his flesh as I rode him. He

stilled my hips and drove his length hard and fast into me

sending me into another orgasm. Cries of ecstasy escaping my

mouth. I felt him stiffen inside me his own orgasm claiming

him. He pulled me against his body and kissed the top of my






I shook the thoughts of that night out of my head. That's when

everything started going downhill. That was the night I realized

he loved me. The night I realized I couldn't be with him he

would forever be tied to everything I wanted nothing to do

with. Yet here I am pregnant and staring at the phone trying

to make myself call James.


"Haven't called him yet have you?"


I looked up to see Liam leaning against the door a knowing

smile on his face.


"I don't know what to say."


"Start with hi and go from there."


"You say it like it so easy."


"Here give me your phone."


I reluctantly handed over my phone not sure what was about

to happen. As quickly as I handed it to him he gave it back.


"I'll be back." He said leaving the room.


I watched him leave a smirk on his face, I looked down at my

phone to see it was ringing. I'm going to kick his butt.


"Hello." A gruff voice said on the other end.


"I didn't think you would answer."


"I'll let you talk to the answering machine then when you call



"No, no. I'm glad you answered."


"So what do you want?"


"You had the funeral."


"Its not like you wanted to see him anyway I did you a favor."


He's referring to that night again, but all I want to remember is

the great sex. Instead of the fighting that happened later.




"Please don't call me again theres nothing left to say between



"James I need to tell you something."


"Don't you think you've said enough?"


With that he hung up leaving me to stare at my phone like a

flabbergasted idiot. Fine I tried to tell him he doesn't want to

listen so be it.


There was too much going on in my brain and i  can not handle this. I close my

eyes and when I open them again I'm in the dreamworld.





What did you think I dislike writing sex scenes I'm no good at them. Comment please tell me what you think. Fan because its nice idk lol. Vote because you like my story.

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