New Moon Rising

Growing up in Dark Moon was a struggle for me not because i was only half werewolf but because i was also half witch. Everyone hated me, stayed away from me, or pitied me. It was something i didn't need. So when i got out i was happy. I promised myself i would never go back. I wouldn't let anyone else make me feel like i was less than trash anymore. My freedom didn't last as long as i hoped though


16. For a pessimist i'm pretty optimistic

Three months had passed and in that time I’ve found out the sex of my children, I’ve been attempting to be more open with James, and I’ve been spending time with my mother learning how to control my power. Which isn’t easy, learning to control the elements was easy though. It’s the whole telekinesis thing that I’m supposed to be able to do that’s hard.



“Ok let’s try this again and this time focus.” my mother said holding a round ball in her hand.



As if I haven’t been focusing I’m only human people naturally move out of the way when things are being thrown at them. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.



“Ok I’m ready.” I said opening my eyes.



She released the ball sending it flying right towards me and try as I might to will the ball to stop it didn’t.  Instead it beamed me right in the forehead.



“Oww and this is why people move when things are being thrown at them. I don’t know why I’m trying to learn to use magic it’s not like I’m ever going to use it. I mean I’ve never even met your side of the family.” I said angrily as I rubbed the spot where the ball had hit me.



“You’re right sweetheart I’m sorry I’m pushing you so hard if I were alive when you were growing these are thing I would’ve have taught you. I would have taken you too meet our side of the family, well the part that still wanted me around. Go home, get some rest, and we’ll just try this another time.” She said giving me a small smile that didn’t quite reach her eye’s.



“Mom I’m sorry we can try this again I’m just irritable with being pregnant and all. I want to spend time with you.”



“I know sweetie just go home and let james take care of you.”



I gave a smile before I went back home. It was easier to her now that I had the hang of it I barely even had to concentrate anymore. I picked a spot close to the house so I wouldn’t have a long way to walk back to the house. I still hadn’t told anyone about my mom and where I had been going. Its just not something I knew how to work in a conversation. Like “hey guys you know when I said I was going on walks I was really going to see my dead mother and here’s the kicker I can cross planes and all that jazz. Can you pass the salt.”  Yeah I definitely didn’t see that happening but I needed to tell James soon he was starting to get suspicious. I didn’t want to ruin what we working to piece back together with my issues again. I climbed the steps of the veranda and went inside. 



“Hey how was your walk?” Julianne asked popping her head up from the couch when I opened the door.



“It was fine I’m just a little tired.”



Which wasn’t far from the truth I was mentally tired and walking that short distance had me out of breath. I felt like a fat person, being pregnant sucked. I don’t see how some women thought this was an awesome thing. I could hardly see my feet and my breast were acting like chia pets with how fast they were growing. My senses were on high alert which was quadrupled.



“I’m going to my room to lay down. Have you seen james?”



“I haven’t actually.”






I climbed the stairs to my room and found james laying atop my- our bed shirtless. Still took my breath away every time I saw him. I removed my shoes and climbed into bed next to him snuggling into his side. 



“Julianne told me you went for a walk?” 



I’m guessing it was supposed to be a statement but it came out as a question. Uh he was getting angry something I could do with out.



“Yeah get some fresh air you were sleeping I didn’t want to wake you.”



“You should have I don’t like when you go off by yourself. You could have taken someone with you.”



“I know I didn’t think about it. I’m sorry.”



“Your still keeping things from me.” he said removing his arm from over his eyes.



“No.” I denied.



Crap on a cracker what did he know. This isn’t how I wanted him to find out, I was going to tell him I really was. Just when the time was right and I knew how to tell him. I didn’t want him to want me to tell him because of and argument we’re having. Which is how it’s turning out anyway.




“Yes you are. I followed you. Did you think I didn’t feel get up and leave? Your six months pregnant with twins I don’t want you doing anything by yourself. When I saw you just disappear I freaked. I couldn’t smell you, I couldn’t sense you anywhere in dark moon. You just vanished. I understand believe me I do how you want to keep things to yourself, but when you do things like that I’m going to worry.”



“Trust me enough to know I wouldn’t do anything to put us danger.” 


God we were going there again, I thought we were passed that. I don’t want to keep going in this circle.



“Then tell him.” Zoë growled.



“You’ve been making things unnecessarily complicated when all you have to do is talk to clear it up. Do it now you don’t need the stress.”




“I trust you it’s everyone else I don’t trust. Please just tell me where you went?”




“I went to see my mom.”



He was silent as I knew he would be, his eyes held confusion like I knew they would.



“Your mom is dead.” he finally said.



“Yes I know it’s all very complicated. I was going to tell when I understood better but then you went and made it a whole thing.”



“My pregnant mate is disappearing into thin air and she say’s I’m turning it into a thing. You know you’re the only person who would say something like that. I was worried about you because that’s what lovers do. They care about the ones they love.”



“I’m sorry not everyone else.”



“That’s not what I meant and you know it. I want to understand I want to help if I can. I want to take as much pressure off of you as I can, but it’s difficult for me to do that when you won’t tell me anything.” 


“Right well I’ll tell you as much as I can. Remember when we had that argument and I threw you into the tree. That was the first time my powers had awakened and I saw my mother. That coma I was in I was there with her getting a cryptic message about where I was and how I got there. So basically I’ve just been going to see her, and she’s been teaching me how to control my powers.”



“How does that work?” he asked his brow scrunched together in confusion.



“How does what work?”



“You know going to see her wherever she is.”


“I guess it’s like crossing planes, we’ve never really talked about it fully. I just know how to get there and back.”



“Isn’t that something you might want to know?”



“Yeah I guess.”



“Can I meet her?” he asked suddenly.



“I uh- I can ask?”



“I’d like that.”



“I’m going to go run you some bath water.”



“Are you trying to tell me I smell?”



“No I could just be trying to get you naked and  wet.”


I smiled at him while he retreated to the bathroom. The sound of running water made me realize I was actually really tired, and was lulling me to sleep. I wasn’t going to go to sleep I was just going to rest my eyes for a bit  until my water was ready. Yeah that’s it.



I poured some lavender bubble soap in the tub and walked back into the room to tell her she could get in tub, only to find her sleeping. Hand laying against her stomach lips slightly parted, I walked over and ran a hand through her loose curls. She stirred and leaned into my hand, I smiled it was easier when she was asleep and  I could keep my eye on her. Maybe she was right maybe I did need to trust that she could take care of herself. I didn’t want to smother her and she end up running from me. She was good at that, I wouldn’t stop chasing her though. I kissed her cheek and she opened her eyes to little slits at me.



“Wake up sleepyhead your waters ready.”



“I wasn’t sleep just resting my eyes.”  she said yawning.



“Right and I’m Santa Claus.”


She smiled and sat up, I took the opportunity to scoop her up. She wrapped her arm s around my neck as I carried her to the bathroom. 



“You should join me.” she said running her fingers through my hair.


“Mmm but you need to eat and I’m going to make you dinner.” I said my eyes closed loving the feel of her fingers in my hair massaging my scalp.



“We could eat later maybe work up an appetite?”



Her hand traveled down to the top of my pants undoing the button and the zipper. They began fall as she grasped my already growing erection in her hand. Little minx. I was an ass putting my needs before hers. I sat her on the floor and pulled off  my boxers. She removed her yellow cotton dress and underwear. She stood before me devious smile playing on her lips and nothing else. Yeah she was a minx. I leaned down capturing her lips with mine and gripped her ass in my hands. She moaned against my lips I picked her up once more and . sat us both in the tub her back pressed against my chest. My mouth and hands explored her body as if discovering her for the first time. I removed her ponytail and her hair fell down around her. I lifted my hand and moved it out of her face



“Is this what you wanted?” I whispered against her ear.



She shivered against me. She grasped me firmly and began sliding her hand up and down my length. She worked her hands up and down, building me up. I let out a moan as she continued to use her hands to drive me crazy. I ran a hand up her and rubbed against her sweet spot. Her hands stilled  as she shuttered against me. I slid a finger inside her and then two she sucked in a breath and then pushed down on my fingers. Her eyes were closed  she caught her lip between her teeth, and her breathing was shallow.



“Is this what you wanted?” I asked again removing my fingers.



“It’s a start.” she said cheekily



“What do you want?” I asked  catching her hands as she tried to reach for me again.



“You inside me.” She breathed out.



I let out a groan as I slid in her entrance she rocked her hips against me making  throw my head back in ecstasy. I banged my head against tub, but I didn’t care I was too wrapped up in what she was doing to care. I gripped her hips and thrust slowly inside her. Cries of pleasure fell from her lips as I sped up, her fingernails were digging into the soft flesh of my shoulder. Her body shook from the pleasure overtaking her body. I could feel her walls gripping me sending me over the edge. She collapsed against me panting I kissed her neck, her lips, her hair.



“Oh my gosh.”



“So much for getting cleaned.” I said pressing a kiss to her neck



I closed the curtain and let the water out of the tub turning  on the shower cold water hit us and then heated to a nice temperature. I reached for the shampoo to was my hair but james grabbed it from my hand and poured it into his own. His fingers worked through my hair making my toes curl, it felt so nice. He did the same with my body. After we finished showering we stepped out  I wrapped a towel around me and headed for the room with james right behind me. He began drying off  and putting on clothes.



“Where are you going so fast?”






“Okay I’ll meet you down  there.”



I  dried off and rubbed on some lotion. I put on some underwear and was just  putting on my sleeping clothes when I felt the air around me shift.



“Well if it isn’t the traitors daughter following in her mothers footsteps.”



I turned around quickly and was shocked. Before me stood a woman who looked almost like me except older. Wearing a frown on her face.

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