The last Malik's

sameerah Malik and her brother zayn Malik are best friends with niall.but what happens when sameerah falls in love with a guy named harry and finds out he's a vampire?.will zayn think he's a good influence?


3. Where's sameerah????

Sameerah's POV i tried to run away but he grabbed my arm.i bit his hand and ran to Harrys house.i went through the wall and ran to harry.he said"man no one has been this excited to see me.i giggled.we sat down on the couch and got to know each other.i had to go since zayn is probably worrying about me.I started leaving but then harry said"please stay".i sighed i texted zayn that I'm staying over at a friend from schools house.he texted back immediately-ok but be careful.i texted back ok.i went to harry and he said"Sameerah will you go out with me?".i said"YES!".i hugged him and then i felt like i was being watched but that's I'm possible.i kissed him and it never stopped

liams pov i smelled harrys scent and it landed on a wall.of course!.i went through the wall with Louis and saw him kissing a girl.she looked pretty and is gonna be mine!.but i can still trick him because we're still "friends".i told Louis to wait outside and he did.i came out to and screamed harrys name.lucky me because no one is around.he pulled me in and said hi Liam hoe are you doing?.i said good.he said want a drink.i said yes.he went into the kitchen and i saw her.this is my chance!.i came up to her.she was about to say something when i covered her mout and got out of the house gave her to louise and he took her back to my house.i came back inside and sat on the couch.he came back out of the kitchen and said wheres sameerah?.

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