The last Malik's

sameerah Malik and her brother zayn Malik are best friends with niall.but what happens when sameerah falls in love with a guy named harry and finds out he's a vampire?.will zayn think he's a good influence?


4. Kiss

Sameerahs pov i punched the guy in the face and he dropped me on the ground.i ran back to harrys house and he hugged me.i kicked the guy who took me in the balls.harry said"what did he do!"i said"he tried kidnapping me!"the other guy put this thing in his mouth and he fainted.

liams pov I'm also half vampire so i grabbed her and bit her.she screamed but i didn't care.i stopped drinking and bit her everywhere in the stomach.she kicked me in the face and harry woke up.he grabbed me and kicked me out of the house.

harrys pov i put the lockdown thing on my house so that no one else can come in.i smelled blood and saw blood everywhere on sameerah.i was so weak that you can see my bones.sameerah said"harry why do you look so weak".i said"Liam poisioned me and also took out all the blood that i drank".she lifted up her sleeve and gave me her arm.she said"drink.".i didn't even hesitate.i grabbed her arm and brought it up to my mouth and bit was so delicious.i stopped drinking and bit her neck.i stopped and she was holding her stomach like if she was in pain.i took away her arm from her stomach and lifted up her shirt but not too saw bite marks everywhere.i bit my hand and gave her my blood and she drank it.she started healing and i kissed her on the lips.after we kissed she watched white chicks and laughed at the funny parts.we ended up falling asleep on the couch and i was laying down on the whole couch while she was on top of me.

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