The last Malik's

sameerah Malik and her brother zayn Malik are best friends with niall.but what happens when sameerah falls in love with a guy named harry and finds out he's a vampire?.will zayn think he's a good influence?


2. Blood

Sameerahs pov once i got home i went into the kitchen and got an apple and cut it into slices i felt a pain in my hand and saw blood.i looked at my hand and saw i cut myself.i grabbed a napkin and put it on my hand.i put the slices of apples on a plate went upstairs to my room and ate them.i got tired and fell asleep on my bed

harrys pov i followed her to her house but didnt go inside i waited like 5 mind before i went inside the door.(he can go through walls).i saw her go upstairs with apples.i followed her and it seemed like the room she went in is her room.i saw her eat and eat until she fell asleep.i smelled blood.i saw a napkin on the floor that is red.i got it and smelled smelled good.i looked at sameerah and saw blood on her hand.i couldn't help it.i grabbed her hand and sucked the blood but i didn't bite tasted good.i stopped gave her my blood and her hand healed.i went out the window and went home.

sameerahs pov i woke up and i remembered my hand was cut.i checked it and it was gone.i got off my bed and checked the time.1:00 pm.i went into the bathroom took a shower got a towel wrapped it around me and went into my room.i got my clothes changed into them and went downstairs.i saw zayn on the couch.i said zayn I'm going to nialls house ill be back maybe ill tell you if i stay over.ill text you!.i got out the door and went to nialls house.he doesn't live far.i entered the house and saw niall in the kitchen.he lives alone.he was drinking red liquid.i went up to him and he said ahh!sameerah i didn't know you were here.i said gimme that i want to try it!.i took the red liquid and drank some when i tasted it i tasted gross!.i spit it out and said what is this?.he said this!.ge speeded up to me really fast and had red eyes and got close to my neck and bit me.i screamed so loud and he covered my mouth he drank my blood a little and pulled away.he said I'm so sorry sameerah i couldn't control it!.i said what are you?.he said I'm a vampire.i said WHAT!MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAMPIRE!.

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