Twin Love

Juliana and her bestfriend Jennifer go to a 1D concert and their whole world turn upside down


1. The Night

Hi this is my first story on here so if its crappy sorry also imma have JC Caylen and Connor Franta and Ricky Dillon in this also so yeah

Ch.1 The Night

Juliana's P.O.V

OMFG!!!! I can't believe my bff Jennifer got us tickets to the One Direction concert in San Jose! Oh sorry! I'm Juliana but my friends call me Julie. I have shoulder length straight brown hair. Ugh I hate the fact that i got out of the shower 3 hours ago and i havent done shit! Yes im still in my towel your probably wondering why arent you dressed yet? Well because Niall James Horan will be there and hes super hot so i cant just go in regular clothes! I looked over at my clock to see how long i had until JR got here. Your probably wondering who the hell is JR?! Well thats Jennifer but in High School people started calling her JR. My clock read 5:25 crap! I have 5 minutes till JR gets here! Then i heard my dorbell ring crap! Shes here early! When I opened the door JR was wearing the signature look of Louis William Tomlinson out of all of the boys he was the one she loved the most. "Hey JR what do you got there?" "Oh just a great outfit and some other things that i thought my bff could wear since i see your not wearing anything!" JR was always a life saver. When we got to my room she pulled out a light green shirt with a darker green shamrock in the middle that said "CRAZY MOFOS" in the middle in black writting. "Oh my god! This is perfect JR!" "Ah ah ah im not done yet!" then she pulled out some black skinny jeans and some green pumps. "This is perfect JR!" "I know and i thought since im wearing red skinny jeans white TOMs and a black and white stripped shirt a.k.a Louis signature look i thought that would still look pretty laid back" she was so right! Tonight is going to be awseome!

Jennifer's P.O.V

Hi im Jennifer my friends call me JR me and Julies friends Jc started calling me that first but i didnt care i thought it sounded pretty cool since Jc actual name is Justin and i was the first one to call him Jc so it all worked out pretty well. After Julie finished we went outside to be greeted by my brother Ricky and Jc. Yes Rick Dillon is my brother. He was taking me because my mom wouldnt let me go by myself even though im 20 but whatever which is weird my mom found out cuz i live with Ricky and his buds. After a while a figured Ricky told mom but dont worry Julies brother Connor, yes Connor Franta helped make a plan for payback. Anyway while in the car Julie fell asleep even though the venue is only 10 minutes away but oh well im sure she was tired because i know she kept calling Jc for advice on boys. Once we got to the venue Jc woke up Julie. "Julie wake up princess!" woah! Jc only said that to girls he liked! Hm maybe he likes Julie ill ask him bout that later. "Hmm? Are we at the venue already?" oh Julie always confused when you wake up. "Yes we're about to see your future husband Niall James Horan!" "WHAT?! OMG! IM SO EXCITED!"

Ch.2 Is this real life?!

Jc's P.O.V

There goes Julie again on that Horan guy! God! Why cant she see she has a perfectly good suitor like me right in front of her! Whatever but she will be mines one day.

Connor's P.O.V

I dont know why Ricky didnt bring me with him! I mean Juliana is MY sister not Jc's. Besides I just dont want Jc hitting on my sister because he likes her. I swear if i find out theyre going out im going to go ape shit.

Ricky's P.O.V

Did I just hear Jc call Juliana his princess! Woah that is weird! Besides he can't date her we made a promise that we won't date each others sisters. I'll have to talk to him about that.

Juliana's P.O.V

When we got out of the car Ricky told JR to call him when the concerts done and if he doesnt pick up to call Connor. We both said okay and ran over to the line surprisingly there were only 3 people in line but they were giving us dirty looks. Probably because were 20 years old and fangirling over One Direction but can you blame us? Well im not 20 im 19 and JR 20 but she can act like a 5 year old sometimes. Shes only 4 months older than me and i turn 20 tomorrow! Yay! All the sudden these crazy bitches started to get in line me and JR both groaned we don't like crazy directioners.

Jennifer's P.O.V

While me and Julie were waiting in line a bunch of cray cray (<<crazy) people started running into the line then Paul started leading people inside me and Julie were both so excited "Omg i can't believe were finally here!" "I know! We finally get to see our future husband! Haha"

Louis's P.O.V

Me and the boys were just about to go on stage when in the front row i saw this beautiful girl in the same exact outfit i was wearing and her friend was wearing a green t-shirt with crazy mofos in the middle. Im sure Niall saw that girl because he seemed so starstruck with that other girl. Maybe we can give them the backstage passes at the end of the concert "Boo? Were going out on stage come on" all the sudden i realized the other boys were already out on stage waiting for me so me and Harry ran out on stage real quick.

Niall's P.O.V

When i saw that girl with the green t-shirt she was absouletly beautiful! I can tell Louis liked her friend next to her at least he doest have his eyes on my women!

Jennifer's P.O.V

When Louis and Niall finally came out they couldnt stop looking at us me and Julie were red as tomatoes. Then while me and Julie were singing to Best Song Ever i saw Louis wink at me and Niall at Julie! Did they like us?! No immposible we were just regular girls! But that would be amazing if they did. "Okay well Lou and Nialler are gonna pick 2 lucky girls for the free backstage passes" right away Louis and Niall looked at us and motioned for us to come up. Me and Julie had to do a double take. When we got up to the stage Louis asked us what our name was. I couldnt speak though i was to mezmorized by his beautiful eyes. God! Its like swimming in the most clearest sea! Luckily Julie spoke up "Im Juliana and she Jennifer" "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl" i started blushing like crazy when Louis said that.

Ch.3 Magical Nights (+16)

Juliana's P.O.V

Right when Niall and Louis brought us backstage Niall brought me into his room and he kissed me at first i was in shock the i realized Niall fucking Horan was kissing me so i started kissing back. He licked his tongues over my bottom lip asking for permisson and i gladly let him in. We were having a full on makeout session. He then told me to jump so i did and brought us up to the bed and we took our clothes off until we were naked. "You sure you want to do this?" he was so sweet but i was glad i was losing my virginity him "Yes i want you to rock me hard!" with that he started pump with his finger. "Have to get you stretched out" i nodde. God his fingers were so magical. Once i cummed all over his fingers he licked them off "Mmm yummy. Now you sure you want to go through with this?" "Yes" "If it starts to hurt tell me and ill stop" "Okay" with that he started thrusting into me first slowly the faster amd until he was like a race car. It actually didnt hurt as much as i thought it would. Once we both reached our orgasm he collapsed right next to me stroking my cheek. I fell asleep into a peaceful slumber.

Niall's P.O.V

Right when i brought Juliana backstage i pulled her into my room. Louis did the same with that Jennifer girl. I immediately started kissing her. At first she was shocked but then she started kissing back. I licked her bottom lip asking for permission to enter. She immediatly opened up. In no time we were in a full on makeout session. I told her to jump and she did so. I brought her to the bed. We took our clothes off until we were naked "You sure you want to do this?" i wanted to make sure she was alright with this. Im sure not only was it my first time but im sure it was hers also "Yes I want u to rock me hard!" i chuckled to myself. With that i started to pump into her with my fingers "Have to get you stretched out." she nodded once she cummed all over my fingers i likced it off "Mmm yummy. Now you sure you want to go through with this?""Yes""If it starts to hurt tell me and ill stop" with that i started thrusting into her. Loud moans were heard through out the room. At first i was taking it slow but then i picked the pace up until i couldnt go any faster. Once we both got our orgasm i collapsed right next to her stroking her her cheek until she fell asleep not soon after i also fell aslepp with the most beautiful girl in the world.

(Louis and Jennifer night went the same way but comment if u want me to do their POVS but for now ill just go to the next chapter)

Ch.4 The Morining After and New Love? Twin Love?! Or death?

Jennifer's P.O.V

I woke up in a strange room. Then i remeberd that last night me and Louis fucking Tomlinson had sex just the night before. Then i remember that i had to call Ricky last night. Shit! When i looked at my phone i saw it was 9:00 i also saw i had 20 missed calls from Ricky and 40 un-read text from Connor. I wonder how Julies phone was like. All the sudden i heard the voice i loved the most. "Good Morining Beautiful!" "Haha Good Morining Handsome!" those eyes of his just made me melt even more in real life! "Hey Jennifer can i ask you something?""Yeah sure and you can call me JR if you want."

Louis's P.O.V

JR? I liked that name i thought it wad pretty cool just like her "Will you be my girlfriend?""OMG! Of course! A milloion times yes!" "Good because if i let a beautiful girl like you walk out then i wouldnt be able to live with myself" "What about me Louis?" when i turned my head to the door i saw Eleanour standing in the door frame....oh shit.

Eleanour's P.O.V

"What about me Louis?""Eleanour! What are you doing here? I thought you were back in Doncaster for a modeling job you had.""Yeah i did but i thought i could visit MY boyfriend a visit you know surprise you? But instead you go and cheat on me with this skank!"i saw the girl starting to cry. I smirked good she deserved to cry. "Oh has Lou told you i was pregnant with HIS child? Oh wait he didnt even know! Yeah well Lou im pregnant you bastard!" with that i ran out of the room crying. While i was on the road my car flipped over 3 times. An hour later i died in a hospital room of a broken heart and a broke skull. But my child survived. The hospital will give her to Lou. Good luck Lou! Not!

Jennifer's P.O.V

After Eleanour left i ran into the bathromm crying. After a couple minutes i heard Louis knocking"Babe im sorry i forgot all about Eleanour we havent even talke in lik 3 weeks""LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE LOUIS!"i heard him sig from the other side of the door. I then thought of something that i hadnt done in a long time. I searched the bathromm for his razors when i finally found them i cut 3 pretty deep cuts. 1 for my life anothe for no one loving me for real and the 3rd one because i want speacial. After a couple seconds the darkness was slowly creeping up then Louis came running in and the darkness took me.

Louis's P.O.V

I felt so bad just leaving JR like that and not telling her i was still with Eleanour. Great! You always have to fuck things up huh?! Then i realized JR had been in there i startes knocking but she was answering. I started to panick so i kicked the door down and saw her with 3 dreep cuts. I startes crying. No Louis William Tomlinson! You have to save the girl you love! I had to get Juliana.

*Woah! what do you think will happen next? Comment if you want me to finish the chapter tonight.

Juliana's P.O.V

I woke up in a un-familar room then i remebered me and Niall HOran had sex last night. I smiled remebering what happened. Then i remembered JR had to call Ricky last night and i already know she probably didn't. I looked at my phone it was 9:30 and i had 10 missed calls from Connor and Ricky and 60 un-read texts from Jc. Woah! That boy was seriously worried. When i turned back around i woke up to the face that made me melt inside every night "Morining Princess" i blushed when i heard him say that because i know he only says that to girls he likes he giggled at me "Are you going to say anything?" "Oh i was just admiring your features" i mentally slapped myself. Why was i so stupid! "Hey Juliana can i ask you something?" "YEah and you can call mr Julie" "Julie will you go out with me and if i let you go i will regret it for the rest of my life" OMFG!!! Niall Horan just asked me out! XD "YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!" all the sudden Louis ran in with JR in his arms he looked like he was crying. "S-she passed....out and i was worried so i....called the medics and came to get you" "WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!"

Niall's P.O.V

Julie was seriously stressed out you could see she was pissed off at Lou. I wonder what he did and or if he has anything ot do with this. "Babe calm down it will be okay." "NO IT WONT SHE ONLY DOES THIS WHEN SOMEONE HURTS HER SO THAT WHY I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE DID TO HER!!" she all sudden started crying. I hate to see her like this so i lifted her chin so her beautiful brown eyes were looking into my clear blue one and i softly kissed her and it felt amazing. Thats how i knew she was the girl for me.

Juliana's P.O.V

"I love you Juliana and dont ever forget that" "And i love you Niall and i mean it.""The ambulance is here" me and Niall looked to see Louis looking out the window with bloodshot eyes still carrying JR. I hope she will be okay.

Ch.5 The Hospital and Apoligies

Jennifer's P.O.V

I woke up in a white room i was so confused then i felt a hand on mine i looked up to see Louis. Then i remembered what happened yesterday with Eleanour. I felt Louis starting to wake up "Good morinong Love!""Good morining Louis" then all the sudden Ricly bursted in "JR! Your okay! Thank god me and the boys were so worried!" i chuckled and he gave me a big bear hug. When he let go he looked at Louis with anger in his eyes "AND YOU! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO MY SISTER?! BOY IMMA CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF!" "What?" with Ricky jumped on Louis and started punching him. "RICKY STOP!" with that he got off Louis and looked at me with a 'Wtf?! he hurt you!' look. "Ricky its okay it wasnt Louis's fault it was his crazy ex-girlfriends fault." "Fine sorry bro. Friends?" Louis looked at me for ressaurnce i nodded my head. "Friends!". All the sudden a doctor walked in "Is Mr.Tomilnson in here?" "Uh yes thats me why?" "We have your daughter. Would you like to see her?" i looked at Louis with hurt in my eyes. I ran out of the hospital into the back and cried until i hear footsteps. When i looked up i couldnt believe my what i saw "I thought you were dead!"

*Ooooh! Who is it? Also im making a new fanfic called tonights the night its a Harry and Zayn fanfic. Comment if you think if i should publish it*

Ch.6 Your Back?!

Jennifer's P.O.V

When i looked up i couldnt believe my eyes "Dad?! I thought you died with mom in that car crash a year ago!" "No me and your mom were in hiding i want to take you back home" my blood started to boil. How could he just think after a year of missing my 'dead' parents i would just go well he had another thing coming "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" "JR were sorry its just your mom and i we were in trouble." "WHY COULDNT YOU TELL ME?! IM YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER YOU BASTARD!" "JR i dont want tell you the whole story here. Why dont you stop by me and your moms new house." he handed me a piece of paper with an adress on it "Fine i'll come over on Friday." with that i got up and walked back inside. Great now i have to deal with Lou,Julie and the boys just great!

Louis's P.O.V

I was so worried about JR but then again i was excited i had a child "Mr.Tomlinson do you want to see her?" "What? Oh yeah sure." the doctor took me to the nursery where all the babies who just joined the world were resting and getting checked on. We walked up to a beautiful little girl with blue green eyes. She looked so much like Eleanour i started to get chocked up even though me and El were only dating and had sex because of management i still was happy we did. All the sudden JR walked in she looked like she had seen a ghost "Love are you alright?" "Hmm? Oh yeah sorry Lou i'll tell you when we get back to the hotel." "Do you wanna see my daughter? Or our daughter if you want." she tensed up but then she had slight happiness in her eyes when i said 'our daughter' "Yeah sure" i walked her over to my beautiful baby girl "What are you gonna name her Lou?" "I dont know what do you wanna name her?" "I always did like the name Frida." " i like the sound of that name its unique just like her mother you" she looked at me with glassy eyes "Lou you dont have to say that just to make me feel better i just have to face the fact that im not her mother." one little tear fell from her beautiful choclate brown eyes i lifted her chin and kissed her more passionetly. I immedietly got fireworks in the pit of my stomach "She is and she always will be" "I will even love her if she was mine" now that just made me smile.

Zayn's P.O.V

Im so scared Jennifer drove off and with my experince it usaully doesnt end well when someone drives off mad or sad. Thats how Perrie died *Flashback* "ZAYN YOU CANT DENY THESE PICTURES YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME WITH DANI! WERENT YOU AND DONT LIE TO ME!" it was true the night before i had gone out clubbing and me and Dani got a little to drunk and ended up having sex "Perrie its true but i was really drunk and you know how i get when im drunk." at this point i couldnt see because i was crying so hard and i think it was the same with Perrie "YES ZAYN I DO AND THAT WHY I DIDNT WANT YOU TO GO CLUBBING BECAUSE I KNEW YOU WOULD DO SOMETHING BUT NOT AS STUPID AS THIS!' "Please Perrie give me one more chance!" "NO ZAYN I HAVE GIVEN YOU TO MANY CHANCES!" with that she walked out of my life forever *End of Flashback* at this point everything was blurry to me. Im so scared i hope shes alright.

*Im going to have 6 chapters in every part before i start a new one so yea and please comment on what you think of my story im dying to know lol :)*


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