Twin Love

Juliana and her bestfriend Jennifer go to a 1D concert and their whole world turn upside down


2. Perfection or Ruins?

Ch.7 Perfection or Ruins?

*1 month later*

Jennifer's P.O.V

Its been a month since i've gotten out of the hospital and everythings been great with me and Lou. I have been acting like Fridas my daughter even though shes not but shes so sweet and so beautiful. Me and Lou have our own flat in the middle of London. Yes i decided to move to London with him and the lads so did Julie and so far his fans have been really supportive. I didnt go to my mom and dads place because to me they were a thing of the past. Me and all the O2L boys skype almost every night Ricky is cool with Lou now but Jc didnt like the fact Julie decided to move in with Niall. Connor told me that hes been in his room since she left apparently he was madly in love with her but now he'll just have to get over her. Julie was over at my flat. She was feeling lonely and so was i because the boys right now were in Australia for their Take Me Home tour. Right now she was in the living room playing with Frida while i was making her bottle "Hey JR your getting a skype call from Lou" luckily i was done with Fridas bottle so i ran into the living room threw the bottle at Julie and answered. When the screen came up Lou and Ni came up "Hey babe hey Ni!" "Is Juliana there?" "Yup im right here!" "Good i knew your were over there. Have you missed us?" "OMG yes!" me and Julie and answered in unison we both looked at eachother and laughed "Hey JR could i talk to you alone?" he looked at Ni and Julie "Uh yea sure?" when Ni and Julie left he looked at me with regret in his eyes. I was starting to get worried "JR i did something awful." "Lou what did you do?" "Last night me and the lads went to an after party and i saw one of my ex-girlfriends from Doncaster and we...we...we...had sex" he whispered the last part but i still heard it luckily Julie took Frida with her "HOW COULD YOU LOU! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I LOVED YOU AND TOOK CARE OF YOUR CHILD AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?!" "JR im so sorry i didnt mean to hurt you i was just so drunk." at this point we were both in tears "NO LOU! A SIMPLE SORRY DOESNT JSUT FIX THIS! YOU CHEATED ON ME! YOU KNOW WHAT IM TAKING FRIDA AND LEAVING BACK TO CALIFORNIA TONIGHT!' before he could say anything else i hung up. I asked Julie to leave she understood considering she heard the whole convoresation i took Frida and cuddled her unitl i fell asleep. I bought tickets for Califronia leaving at 8:00 i woke up at 4:00 i started packing for me and Frida. When it was 6:00 i was done i decided to put Frida in her carseat i left to the airport at 7:50 my plane started boarding. I was finally going back home to get some rest.


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