The Runaway Angels

This story is about these twins, Taylor, and Lily. There dad is an abuser, and they are fed up with him. They've never been in Downtown London or on the other side in five years. Melz1227, and I, Lauryn801 are very proud of this story, and we hope you like it!


12. Taylor's POV

Lily got up, and we all went back to bed. Louis pulled me closer to him, and stroked my hair. I fell back asleep, safe in his arms.
    The sun shone brightly through the two square windows, and the birds sang joyful songs. It was about eight o’clock. I rolled over, but Louis wasn’t there. I sat up confused. I looked around, and decided to go check the kitchen.
    Halfway down the little hallway, I heard the sound of sizzling. 
    “Louis?” I questioned, entering the kitchen.
    “Hey, Taylor! I wanted to surprise everyone with a nice breakfast!” Lou smiled at me. I stared at the food, starving. I hadn’t eaten this well in a long time. Well, about five years.
    “Looks delicious,” I said
    “You like pancakes?” Lou asked. I nodded my head. I really don’t remember if I like them or not, but I’m willing to eat anything. 
    I heard a door creak open, and out came Lily and Liam. 
    “I love that smell,” Lily remarked. Liam smiled down at her.
    “Pancakes are done!” Louis yelled. I ran to the table to get a seat.
    “Wow, someone’s excited,” Liam exclaimed. 
    I smiled. “I’m just so hungry!” Louis brought the pancakes over on a plate, and I took three. I took the syrup and poured a good amount on. 
    “Looks like you haven’t eaten pancakes in a while,” Louis said, chewing.
    “I’ve been eating bread for the past five years,” I revealed. Louis jaw dropped, and Liam dropped his fork. 
    “No wonder you’re both so skinny,” Liam said. “Eat as much food as you want. This is now your house, too.” I smiled at Liam’s warm heart.
    “Thank you,” I said. In no time, Lily and I finished our pancakes. We stood up and took our dishes to the sink. I rinsed them, and then just left them in the sink to clean later.
    “So, what do you want to do today?” Liam asked.
    “There’s a carnival down the street, on the pier,” Louis suggested. Lily and I looked at eachother, then at the boys, huge grins spread across our faces.


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