The Runaway Angels

This story is about these twins, Taylor, and Lily. There dad is an abuser, and they are fed up with him. They've never been in Downtown London or on the other side in five years. Melz1227, and I, Lauryn801 are very proud of this story, and we hope you like it!


10. Taylor's POV

Finally, Zayn spoke up. “How about Paranormal Activity 3?” Everyone agreed, though to be honest, I’m not a fan of horror. Liam put the movie in, and settled back down by Lily. Louis grabbed some pillows for us, since we were on the floor. We propped ourselves up on our elbows. 
The movie started, and I could already tell I wouldn’t like it. When the first scary thing came out, I dug my face into one of the pillows. Louis saw, and wrapped his arm around my waist. 
“I’ll keep you safe from them,” he whispered in my ear. I looked up and smiled at him. I felt a lot better about watching the movie. 
Paranormal Activity 3 carried on, and I did move closer to Louis in some parts. I saw Lily moved closer to Liam, too. 
After the movie ended, we decided it was time for bed. It was really late; one o’clock in the morning. We said goodbye to the other boys, and Lily, Liam, Louis, and I got ready for bed. Louis said I could sleep with him in his room, and Lily was going to sleep with Liam. I didn’t bother changing clothes, since I put these on just a little while ago. They were comfy, anyways.
Louis climbed into his bed, and invited me in. I got in next to him, and he put his arm around me. 
“I know it wasn’t a good day for you, but it was a good day for me,” he said, looking at the ceiling.
“Why?” I asked, watching him.
“Because I met you,” he said, turning his face towards me. I smiled. No one has ever made me feel so beautiful, so important. 
My eyes fluttered closed, and I was sound asleep.

He raised up the knife. 
“Help me! Save Lily! Get us out of here!” I screamed.
A boy took me to another room, while I heard the police enter through a door. There was a lot of yelling, and soon the door to my room flew open. 
“COME HERE! YOU’RE REALLY GOING TO GET IT THIS TIME!” he screamed, before raising the knife.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I screamed.
“WHAT’S WRONG???” Louis yelled, jolting up. I stared into the space in front of me, breathing heavily. “Taylor, are you okay?” Louis asked, worry filling his voice. He put his hand on my back, and rubbed small circles. I slowly turned my head towards him.
“I-I…” I stuttered. “I’m so sorry,” I whispered. 
Louis took his hand from my back and cupped my cheek. “Don’t be. You had a bad day, and it was just a nightmare. You’re safe with me. He’s gone now.”
“Is everything okay?” I heard a voice say. I turned towards the door. There was Liam, standing with worry on his face. Lily walked up behind him.
“Just a bad dream,” Louis said, dismissing Liam to go back to bed. 
“I wonder how that happened,” Liam said, looking from Lily, to me, and back to Lily.
“How what happened?” I asked.
“Lily woke up from a bad dream about her father right before you screamed,” Liam explained. My eyes widened.
“Taylor,” Lily whispered, walking towards me. She sat on the edge of the bed. “We had the same nightmare.” 

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