The Runaway Angels

This story is about these twins, Taylor, and Lily. There dad is an abuser, and they are fed up with him. They've never been in Downtown London or on the other side in five years. Melz1227, and I, Lauryn801 are very proud of this story, and we hope you like it!


8. Taylor's POV

“I guess we could-” Zayn started.
    “Niall, is something wrong?” Lily asked. Everyone looked at Niall, who had a mix of worry, guilt, and fear on his face.
    “I-I… Uh… I.”
    “It’s okay, Niall. You can tell us,” I comforted him.
    Niall looked me straight in the eye. “I used to know your  father.”
    My eyes widened and my jaw dropped, but no sound came out.
    “How do you know him, Niall?” Harry asked.
    “He and my father worked together, until about five years ago, when your father lost his job. They were good friends. Sometimes your father would come over to my flat after work…” Niall trailed off. Then it hit me. 
    “And your dad came over to our house one time, for my dad’s birthday party.” I looked at the ground, remembering. “My mum wanted to throw it for him, and my dad wanted your father to come. And…” I looked at Niall. “You were the boy that came with him. I remember now. You had brown hair, but those same blue eyes and loud laugh. I knew you looked familiar, I just couldn’t place it.” I stopped talking, and after a few seconds, I hugged Niall. “It was you.”
    “Taylor Bay. Lily Bay. I remember it all so clear,” Niall stated, pulling away.
    “Wow, this took a twist,” Louis said. I couldn’t believe it. Niall remembered Lily and I. This was mind blowing.
    “Let’s get you two changed, okay?” Liam said. 
    “Where did you put the duffle bags?” Lily asked Harry. Harry lead us to Liam’s room. We walked to the bed and dug around in our bags. I found a plain black tank top, and Lily found a white T-shirt. I went to the loo to change into some pajama shorts. I needed to relax after this tiring day.
    After I finished changing, I went back to put my shorts in my bag. Louis was waiting for me, but he had something in his hand. I identified it as my locket. Inside was a picture of my mum. 
“That’s my mum,” I said. He turned towards me.
“You look just like her,” he said. I smiled. I really liked that. He put the locket down, walked to me, and put his hand on my back. I flinched at the touch.
“Sorry, just still getting used to it,” I said. Louis smiled and kissed my forehead. He lead me out to the living room to where the others were. We sat down on the floor, since the other spots were taken. Zayn turned on the telly.
“We should watch a movie,” Harry suggested. Liam got up from the couch, where he was sitting by Lily. He walked over to a corner to where the DVD’s were.
“What should we watch?” he asked.

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