The Runaway Angels

This story is about these twins, Taylor, and Lily. There dad is an abuser, and they are fed up with him. They've never been in Downtown London or on the other side in five years. Melz1227, and I, Lauryn801 are very proud of this story, and we hope you like it!


7. Lily's POV

I suddenly woke up, and I was sitting on the floor. I was only in my ripped cami. Liam was sitting across from me picking up all of the band aid wrappers. 
"Liam..." I said.
"Oh! You're up! How're you feeling?" He responded.
"Good. Why am I only in my cami?" 
He picked up the shirt that I was wearing. It had a huge hole in front. It was my favourite shirt too. Someone walked through the door, as I started talking to Liam again.
"Is my dad going to jail?"
"Well he’s certainly going to court."
"You're okay!" I hear someone yell.
I spotted the voice right away. It was Taylor's. 
"Yeah, I am. How are you?"
“I don’t know, I’m still recovering. I had no idea what was going on.”
“How did you know it was him, Taylor?” Liam asked.
“Well, to be honest…” She showed him the scar. “He stabbed me one time, and right before he did, I saw a glint. Well, I saw the glint of the knife from the kitchen light and knew it was him,” Taylor answered.
“Okay, Love, now your turn to clean up,” Louis said, holding the neosporin. He rubbed it on Taylor’s body, with a gentle touch. She looked relaxed.. Soon, Louis finished, and she stood up and put her shirt back on.
“Thank you, Louis. That feels much better.” She smiled at him. Everyone stood up, and the other boys stood at the door frame. 
“So, what now?” Harry asked.
I sat there, and noticed, something was wrong with Niall.

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