The Runaway Angels

This story is about these twins, Taylor, and Lily. There dad is an abuser, and they are fed up with him. They've never been in Downtown London or on the other side in five years. Melz1227, and I, Lauryn801 are very proud of this story, and we hope you like it!


17. Chapter 16- Taylor's POV

Taylor’s POV

    We all walked over to the little food booth, and Niall ordered first. “One corn dog and one order of fries, please.”

    “Coming right up!” the cheery woman said. In two minutes, Niall got his food. Everyone ended up getting corn dogs, but Niall’s was gone before the rest of us got a chance to eat ours. After we all finished our meals, we all went separate ways to play games.

“Let’s go pop balloons,” I suggested. Louis agreed, and we walked over to a booth.

“Five pounds for six darts,” the employee told us. Louis took out his wallet.

“There you go,” Louis handed the man the money. The man set the darts down, and Louis let me throw them. I hit three out of six balloons, and I picked out a prize of a little pink heart pillow that says “I love you” on it. Louis payed again, and then he hit 4 out of six balloons. He picked out a white teddy bear that was holding a rose. “For you,” he said, handing me the bear.

I smile. “Louis, I love it!” I exclaim. “You have this because I really do love you,” I told him, handing him the little heart.

“I love you, too,” he said, taking the pillow.

“We should probably go find the others, and then we can go look for a spot on the hill over there to sit and watch the fireworks,” I suggested.

“Great idea, love. Let’s go.”

Louis and I strolled through the crowds of people, looking out for Lily and the lads. Finally, Louis spots them, and we walk over to the booth there standing around.

“Hey, Lily,” I say, walking up to her.

“Taylor!” she exclaims, turning around. “Look what Liam won me!” It was a little stuffed dog that resembled a labrador. It had the similar eyes of Liam. Lily’s smile was wider than her face. I smiled back.

“It’s adorable! Louis won me this,” I said, showing her the bear.

“Aw it’s so cute!” Just then we heard a crash. I turned my attention to Niall, who was playing a game where you knock down milk cartons with a ball. He knocked down the amount he needed to win.

“Yes!” he said, throwing his fist in the air like he did last night during the football game. “I’ll take that picture of N’SYNC over there,” he told the employee. Then, turning his attention to us, “I always was a fan of boy bands.” We all laughed as he received his prize.

“So, it’s early evening now. What should we do?” Liam asked.

“Get our spots for the fireworks,” Louis said.

“I know the perfect spot,” Harry said, leading the way. He lead us to a spot on the hill where we would be able to lay back and look up at the sky.

“It’s perfect!” I exclaimed.

“There’s a blanket in the car. I’ll go get it,” Zayn said, taking off towards the car.

“Fireworks start at 9. It’s 5 now. What should we do until then?” Liam asked.

“We’ve gone on rides, we’ve played games, and we ate food. We can sit and talk?” Harry said. We nodded our heads, and sat in the grass until Zayn came back, who then joined the conversation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey everyone! We haven't updated in a LONG time, but we have a lot of chapter ready to post! I will upload a few soon, so I hope you enjoyed this one for now! ~Mel :)
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