The Runaway Angels

This story is about these twins, Taylor, and Lily. There dad is an abuser, and they are fed up with him. They've never been in Downtown London or on the other side in five years. Melz1227, and I, Lauryn801 are very proud of this story, and we hope you like it!


16. Chapter 15 - Lily's POV

Liam guided me towards the car, while Zayn locked up the flat. I sat in between Taylor, and Zayn. Louis was the last person to enter the car, and he started up the engine. Liam turned around, and winked at me. I looked down, and blushed. Louis headed down the driveway, and to the carnival. It took us about five minutes to get to the carnival. The banner read The Lights Of London. Louis parked a block or so away from the carnival, because everyone’s going on a Saturday. Louis, Niall, and Taylor all ran to the entrance. The rest of us didn’t want to run, because number one they wanted to stay by me, and number two its a little hot today. 
Once we paid, and got in, Niall wanted to go on the big drop...really badly.
“Can we go on the big drop? Please?” 
“Sure,” Zayn said.
They ran to the Big Drop line, while the rest of us discussed what ride we were going on next. Taylor, and I saw the teacup’s, and pointed it out. Everyone agreed, just as Niall, and Zayn were going up. They got to the tippy top, and they fell. It went on for another minute, and then they came back by us. We told them what ride we were going on next.
“But I’m hungry!!” Niall complained.
“You don’t want to throw up on the ride,” Harry said.
“I can’t contain my hunger.”
“Can we just go on this ride, and then we can go find food,” Louis responded, ending the argument.    
    We started walking to the teacups, when Harry decided to start running. He got in line, and stood there like a five year old. When we got there, the line was a little longer.
“Come on guys! I saved you a spot in line!” He yelled to us. 
We jumped over the railing, behind Harry. 
“How many?” The operator said.
“Seven,” Liam responded.
He led us to one of the bigger teacups, for big groups, like us. Everyone else piled into the teacup. I sat next to Liam, and Harry. Aubrey was next to Louis. The ride started, and everyone around us started spinning. 
“Everyone grab the wheel!” Harry yelled.
We all grabbed the wheel, and started spinning it. We started going faster than the other groups. All I saw was blurry lines. The ride only lasts for a minute, and a half, but it felt like forever!! It slowly stopped. Everyone piled  out, and we could barely walk. Liam had a good balance, so we walked to the exit together. Taylor, and Louis tried to run to the exit, and hit the fence. Niall followed them, and hit the fence next to Taylor. Zayn walked behind us slowly, and Harry didn’t really have any affect, from the ride. He helped Niall up, and fell on his bum. Liam and I made it out of the ride okay, and waited for everyone else to join us. 

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