First Love

there once was a girl who was broken and she didn't think any one could fix her. She buried it deep down for none to see, but one day she meets a guy who can fix her. Without knowing she was ever broken. her name is lila brother.


1. First Day

     I woke up to my blaring alarm and as soon as I woke up a little shut my alarm. After a long time laying in bed I finally got up and began to get ready. My name is lila. Today i begin senior year. After I get dressed and put on my make-up. I head to my car and leave. My life was pretty boring and horrible, but no one knew that part they all thought it was great.  I went through all my classes nothing exciting happened talked with my friend just a normal day in a new grade with different classes. The whole first month went on like that then there was a new kid in class I couldn't tell who he is. Word is that he is famous but I don't believe it. nothing ever happens here. any way turns out he is in my lead time to, so I get to show him around. Whatever i will just put up the screen no one sees through any way. We walk to our seats right next to each other from the teaches desk. Where all this was figured out. I introduce myself with a fake smile on my face " Hey I am Lila." I say he replies " I'm Justin nice to meet you" smiling back. I think I fooled him we talk the hour away not about any thing that matters though. Just what classes we have. Where are lockers are. Who my friends are. When we have lunch. Where I always sit. If he can join. Way to fast the bell rings, but I still have every class with him, so thats cool. As we walk and I show him where our class is. Which we also sit next to each other in. I can tell that we are quickly becoming friends.

                                                                            Justin's POV

BEEP!!!!BEEP!!!! BEEP!!!! blared my alram crap. I mutter getting out of bed. I have to go back to school for my last year. My manager scooter is making me. I don't get why. I choose what to where. Take a quick shower, and when I am ready I send out a good morning tweet to all my fans. The school I am going to is already a month into their school year. It's in this boring little town where nothing happens. Any way I left in my new range rover to school. Got my scedual dropped some stuff off in my locker and went to lead time. I sat next to a very pretty girl she introduced herself then smiled at me, so I introduced myself "I'm justin nice to meet you" I smiled back at her. Then we just talked the whole hour mainly about her about me too though. She even invited me to sit with her at lunch. The bell rings it seems to soon, but I have every class with this girl, and she is going to show me around the school. I an see that we are quickly becoming friends.                                                 there's my very first ever chapter on my first story I'm sorry its soo short and bad, but i will get better comment any ideas they are always welcome love anyone who reads this i will update again soon.                          
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