First Love

there once was a girl who was broken and she didn't think any one could fix her. She buried it deep down for none to see, but one day she meets a guy who can fix her. Without knowing she was ever broken. her name is lila brother.


2. Chances

              lila's POV


        It has been a few months since I met Justin, and now I have a humongous crush on him.  We have now have become best friends. we tell each other everything and hang out all the time.  I really hope we can end up together somehow.  Any way i'm off to school once again i don't know how I would make it through the day without seeing Justin. I then hear a car horn. I look at my watch right on time. so i grab my bag money and lipgloss and head out the door to meet Justin. I get in the car and we head to school on the way we get to talking and Justin asks "Hey I ummmmmm do you think we could ummmmmmm give being more than friends a chance?"  "YES!!!!!" I answered. We got to school and Justin walked me to my locker. Which also happens to be right next to his.  We started planning our first date we decided to go out to eat then to a movie. We decided to go to Avengers. Ok maybe i begged a little bit but still.  I know I know i'm weird. We are going on saturday that means i need to go shopping soon. After school i went home and called up my bestie Kallie.  Here's the conversation.

Me: Hey girrrl how are you?

K: Hey i great and you? 

Me: Good i need you help on something.....

K: What is it I will do anything!

Me: Well I need you to help me pick  out an outfit for me and Justin's date. 

K: OMG!!!! Of course i will help!!! When is the date?????

ME: Saturday, so come over Friday after school k ?????

K: Yeah, see you then love you girl!!!!

Me: Love you too! bye!!!

K: Bye!


                                                           Author's Note 

                  Hey peps sorry it took forever, but here it is. I know it's short, but I wanted to get something up for you guys. I will update as soon as I can also I am making a kik for this story for you to send me ideas if you want, or just talk to about the story. I am super excited! I will keep you updated on when the next chapter is coming and when the kik is up. Talk to you guys soon!!!! Love you all!!!! Thank you so much for reading this and you patience in my posting.

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