Teenage Dirtbag

"As I waited, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world walking in with her friends. She had a skirt and a T-Shirt with Keds and knee high socks. She looked my direction and looked back to her other gorgeous friend. Just then a big, broad guy with a football jersey came up to her and kissed her. On the lips. Something I have never done and probably never will." Will matters get worse when people start to find out his big secret? Or start to die down as a girl comes in his life? Find out as you read more of "Teenage Dirtbag"


11. Speechless

I was speechless. Why didn't he tell me he had cancer! I grabbed my books and ran to my car not looking back. I drove all around town just trying to look for Daniel. When it finally became eleven o' clock at night, I came back home. I tried to sneak through the door but my dad was right there. Waiting.

"Where have you been?" He said sternly. 

"I was out.." I said trying to continue walking. 

"Why are you so late?" He said raising his voice. 

"Because, Dad!" I said raising mine even louder. 

"Were you out with that boy again?" He said standing up.

"I wish.. that would be better than here." I said rolling my eyes. 

"Don't use that attitude with me!"

"I will if i'm being honest! I can't do anything with out you screaming at me saying i'm doing it wrong!"

"Your grounded!" My dad yelled finally.

"Fine!" I screamed running in my room. I grabbed my phone to call Miranda but she didn't answer. I walked over to my bag and started packing my stuff while opening my window. By the time I finished I shimmied out the window without another word. I walked until I got to Miranda's house which was only about a five minute walk. I knew where her spare key was and I walked in hoping she was still up. When I walked up the stairs, I saw her light on and I heard her giggle.

Yes! She's still up! I thought to myself. I opened the door but what I saw made me drop my bag.

"Chloe! It's not what it looks like!" She screamed while grabbing her clothes. But it's exactly what it looked like. I saw Miranda, my best friend, being naked with my own boyfriend. Miranda ran up to me and tried to explain, but I just pushed her bare chest and reached for my bag.

"Chloe... what about our friendship?" she said begging.

"Exactly what I just thought ten seconds ago," I started, " I thought I could trust you... I hope you know that there are some pretty messed up things in the world and some people are going through life-threatening diseases and you're just over here fucking around with my Ex- Boyfriend." I said crying. I walked out not knowing where to go. Not knowing what to do. I just walked until I found a building that looked friendly. It was the local medical clinic where a few cars were parked. Some of the cars looked as if they had never been touched and had dust piling up on the windows. The lights were still on, so I hiked to the door. I opened it with a delay because I was afraid that they would think I was a hobo or something. Even tho I wasn't and had nothing to worry about. I walked close to the front desk and I saw a girl about my age with big bug-eyed glasses, a pencil in her ear, and beautiful blonde hair. She had a plaid shirt and blue jeans and looked as if she was about to fall asleep.

 "Do you need something? Are you here to see someone?" She asked waking up a little as she saw me. 

"No I just... It's a long story.." I explained glancing at my feet.

"Oh... Well my name is Sarah. What's yours?"

"Chloe." I said with a smile creeping up on my face.

"Pretty name. How old are you?"

"I'm 17. What about you?" I said finally asking a question. 

"I'm 18 years of age sucker," She said chuckling. Just then a round buzzer on her desk started vibrating. Her smile faded and her eyes got wide. 

"What's that?" I asked. She stood up and pressed it quickly to shut it off.

"Just telling me that a patient's pulse has gotten low." She said fast. 

"Do you need help?" I offered while putting my bag in a corner. 

"Yeah come with me." She stated. I followed her down a long hall. The clinic was very small but cozy at the same time. It had white walls but some paint was peeled off in doorways. Sarah brought me to the last door in the hallway and told me that the patient was in here. When I walked in the door, I saw Daniel in a hospital bed with his pulse very low. I couldn't help but scream. I ran to him and cupped my hand on his cheek. As he opened his eyes, he smile when he saw me.

"Hey sweet cheeks," He said jokingly. 

"I hate you!" I screamed starting to cry.

"Whoa! Why?" He asked alarmingly. 

"You didn't tell me you were death sick! You didn't tell me you had cancer!" I was still yelling at him even tho I don't know why I was so snappy. 

"I don't tell you a lot of stuff. How did you even find out?" He said calmly.

"It doesn't even matter." I said colliding our lips together. He grabbed my butt and pulled me on top of him while still kissing. We had a huge make-out session until we took a break. I forgot that Sarah was even there, so I turned my head to look at her. She had a disgusted look on her face that made me and Daniel both laugh. 

"Ewww! Who would want to kiss my cousin like that!" She screeched playfully. I told them both my whole story of the night and Sarah explained theirs. It turned out that he goes to his family clinic (this one) every day after school and spends the night depending on how bad his cancer gets. While Sarah is home-schooled and works here as a part time job. Finally when we were all done telling stories, I just laid there with Daniel until we fell asleep beside each other. 

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