Teenage Dirtbag

"As I waited, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world walking in with her friends. She had a skirt and a T-Shirt with Keds and knee high socks. She looked my direction and looked back to her other gorgeous friend. Just then a big, broad guy with a football jersey came up to her and kissed her. On the lips. Something I have never done and probably never will." Will matters get worse when people start to find out his big secret? Or start to die down as a girl comes in his life? Find out as you read more of "Teenage Dirtbag"


8. Not a date

When I got home that day, I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Daniel.

'hey... thanks 4 nothing 2day'

Daniel-'Your welcome ;)' 

Me-" Will you just go Fuck yourself!'

Daniel-'You already did that buddy.' Ugh I can't stand him! I stomped downstairs and opened up a bottle of Pepsi. When I got done I got a text.

Daniel-'I want to take you out tomorrow at 4. After school'

Me-'Well that was random but you know i'm in a relationship.'

Daniel-'It's not a date.'

Me-'I don't know I'll think about it.... but are you coming to school tomorrow?'

Daniel-'I don't know i'll think about it ;)' I got to admit his humor is funny but that's not the point.

The Next Day:  In the morning at school, I walked up to Daniel.

"Hey." I said standing beside his empty table.

"Hey. Do you want to know something?" He asked.

"No, I just want the English notes. If you will please give them to me I can leave you alone to read your book." I replied.

"Did you know that 'I am' is the shortest sentence in the English language?" He blabbed.

"I don't care, Daniel. I just need the English notes. I'll wait here until I get them." I stated.

"Then you will be waiting for a long time because I don't have them." He said while putting up his stuff.

"You don't?!" I yelled.

"No. But we can just make some up today." He said like he didn't have any cares. I just stood their with my jaw half to the floor, shocked. Even when the bell rang I was to shocked to move. He's supposed to be the smart one! Not me! I guess he's not a smart and goody as I thought. 

"I suggest that you get to class, cheer captain." Daniel said while walking past me with his hands in his pockets. When it got to English, I sped walked to Daniel and grabbed him.

"Look. I know we didn't quite get on the right foot but I still want a good grade." I stated.

"We didn't get on any foot baby." He said while winking at the last part.

"Seriously!" I yelled.

"Why so serious? Why not crack a joke once in a while." He said smiling.

"Whatever.." I said giving up.

"So are we still on for 4 o' clock? It's not a date." He asked.

"Daniel, like I said... I don't know I have plans." I said.

"You have time for your date with Brett after." He said.

"I... Fine I'll go with you." I stated.

"OK. I'll be in the parking lot." He said. Miranda looked over and made a questioned face but I just brushed it off. Miranda was partners with Brett and they weren't doing anything related to the project. At the end of the day Daniel and I actually got some good notes for our project. I mean we were a little behind the other groups, but we were still trying. I walked past Miranda and my friends and waved goodbye.

"Bye!" She screamed while smiling. I just chuckled and walked to Daniels beat-up, red 1985 Toyota Corolla. He looked up from his book, and the end of his cheek went up slightly to form a half smile.

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