Teenage Dirtbag

"As I waited, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world walking in with her friends. She had a skirt and a T-Shirt with Keds and knee high socks. She looked my direction and looked back to her other gorgeous friend. Just then a big, broad guy with a football jersey came up to her and kissed her. On the lips. Something I have never done and probably never will." Will matters get worse when people start to find out his big secret? Or start to die down as a girl comes in his life? Find out as you read more of "Teenage Dirtbag"


13. Epilogue

Daniel and I got married by the end of the year. Everyone was very happy at the after party, surprisingly even my dad and Daniel's mom. About three months after the honeymoon I found out I was three months pregnant with my first born. Once he was born, we named him Danny. A year later we ended up having a little girl named Cassidy. Finally around two years later, we had our final child. We named her Danielle. And to think that it all started with a teenage dirtbag who was invisible to everyone. Except to a girl who wanted to know a little more about him.

The End :)

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