Teenage Dirtbag

"As I waited, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world walking in with her friends. She had a skirt and a T-Shirt with Keds and knee high socks. She looked my direction and looked back to her other gorgeous friend. Just then a big, broad guy with a football jersey came up to her and kissed her. On the lips. Something I have never done and probably never will." Will matters get worse when people start to find out his big secret? Or start to die down as a girl comes in his life? Find out as you read more of "Teenage Dirtbag"


9. Daniel's P.O.V

Do you ever have that big lump in your throat that you can never swallow? I seem to have that a lot in the past few days. Like when Chloe actually came this afternoon, I got that ugly, big lump again. As If I didn't know what to say at all, so I just smiled... at least I think I smiled. I swallowed hard and invited her in. She accepted pondering the question. 

"So where do you live?" She asked while I went driving down the road.

"In a house." I said sarcastically

"No dip!"She shot.

"OK, OK... I live in a small, one story house with a big green porch." I admitted. It became deadly quiet and it made me that much more nervous. 

"Oh. Cool." She said finally. I could hear in the tone of her voice that she was comparing me to her. 

"Look. It's not the best but it'll do and that's all that counts." I snapped feeling annoyed of the awkward silence overcoming the car. 

"No! That's not what I meant! Not at all..." She said getting quieter.


More silence.

Even more silence.

"I want to see it." She added randomly.

"You sure?" I asked in shock.

"Yeah.. It sounds comforting," She said smiling.

Then you don't know my mom..." I stuttered off. I drove about five more minutes before turning into my driveway. You could tell my house was just moved into because there were boxes everywhere and we didn't even have an actual driveway. We just had a dirt path and a tan house. Even the windows were messed up. I got out and went to open Chloe's door. As we dodged the boxes, I already heard my mom yelling. 

"Daniel is that you?!" She screamed. I cringed and shot a glance at Chloe. I could tell she jumped and she was messing with her long sleeves now. 

"Yeah Mom!" I yelled back.

"Well come and clean up this mess in the kitchen!" She screamed this time with a sour tone. I grabbed Chloe's hand to be sure she didn't fall, and we walked in the door. My mom was wearing a towel on her head and an avalanche of makeup on her face. She looked even scarier than I remembered. 

"Who's this?" She said walking towards Chloe. She put her hands all over Chloe's face and I could she that she was scratching her as she went on. I grabbed Chloe and pulled her under my arm to where she was facing me. 

"Sorry," I mouthed.

"It's OK," She mouthed back with a smile on her face.

"Well, I'm going out. So don't wait up." Mom hissed. When she walked out, I ran and jumped on the couch. 

"Your the one who wanted to see my house," I said laughing.

"I.. uh... like your mom," She said sarcastically while smiling.

"I know right." I said smiling back. Next thing I knew she was getting closer to me and our lips met yet again. The sparks that I felt were overwhelming. We pulled away and her hand was on my scar that Brett left right by my eye. I snapped my head away and looked the other way. It was silent again. Man I hate silence. It seemed like this whole day was filled with silence. 

"Do you want to go back?" I asked.

"To where?" She countered.

"To your house... you don't want to be late for your date now do you?" I said with a sudden sharpness in my voice that even I don't know where it came from. She made a face but brushed it off.

"Fine." she said walking ahead. We drove in silence. Yet again. And I dropped her off at her house without another word.

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