Teenage Dirtbag

"As I waited, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world walking in with her friends. She had a skirt and a T-Shirt with Keds and knee high socks. She looked my direction and looked back to her other gorgeous friend. Just then a big, broad guy with a football jersey came up to her and kissed her. On the lips. Something I have never done and probably never will." Will matters get worse when people start to find out his big secret? Or start to die down as a girl comes in his life? Find out as you read more of "Teenage Dirtbag"


3. Daniel I think?

After the first few hours of school, I'm pooped. Today I found out my schedule was the same as Brett, Chloe, and Miranda (her best friend). It wasn't the point where they had the same schedule, it was the point where I'm a total loser to everyone. I couldn't walk in the hallway without being tripped by everybody, but it didn't help that it was all their friends. I walked into my last block and sat in the first seat I saw.

"Hey, dirtbag!" a loud, deep voice yelled out from behind me. I turned around to see a blonde guy with huge muscles staring at me with blue vulture eyes. He grabbed me and threw me to the floor faster than I could say 'sorry'. 

"Ouch! Dude what the heck?" I yelled getting up from the floor as he sat down.

"This is my seat and never forget that." He said the last part like a threat. Chloe looked over at him and started to open her mouth but only air came out. So I just grabbed the last seat and sat down. The teacher just blabbed about stuff I already knew, so I read my book.

"Umm, I know you're a new student but my students pay attention in class." She stated staring at me while taking away my book. 

"Oh. Sorry," I replied. 

"Tell me the answer of this question since you think that you don't have to pay attention," she nagged, "A race is 500 meters long. A driver drove 358 miles in 2 hours. How many miles would it take for the driver to drive in 3 hours?" 

"537 miles," I said almost instantly. 

"How did you do that?" whispered people around the room.

"Well I guess you were listening," She said with a smile planted on her face.

"What's your name?" She added.

"Daniel Cumly," I said. I could hear a 'Loser' coming from one of the seats behind me, and I'm pretty sure it came from Brett.

"Brett!" Mrs. Teacher Lady yelled. My hypothesis was correct. After class I went to my locker to find a note from Chloe. It said:

Hey, I know how mean Brett is and i'm sorry. Just try to brush it off :) -<3- Chloe

I couldn't help but smile. I started walking home when I saw Chloe at cheer practice and decided to stop her.

"Hey.. hey, Chloe," I stuttered.

"Oh.. uh.. do I know you?" She said with Miranda and some other girls laughing in the distance. 

"Yeah. You gave me that note... in my locker... about Brett." I replied.

"Oh yeah! Dylan is it? or is it David?" She asked.

"Daniel," I corrected.

"Whatever," She said laughing and walking away to her girls.

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