darker side of things

this is the story of a boy who is raised by a Christian/ Catholic family. who has an encounter with all 6 of the fallen ones and confrontation of death himself. through a ravenous experience and many horrors he comes to terms that he was chosen at birth to be the apprentice of death, and his parents know more than they are willing to say.


4. the worst of horrible, or is it

I was still deeply shocked. I was afraid to go down stares, i didn't want my parents to see. after last night I didn't know what to expect, i knew they were scared but, i also knew that this would only make it worse. my father reaction last night, when he locked the door, his tone of voice. i finally gathered all sense of courage and went down stairs. i walked down and pretended nothing was wrong, knowing that it would only make things worse, but it also pacified my emotions. when i went into the kitchen my parents weren't there which i thought was unnaturally strange. i got a bowl of cereal as i usually did in the morning, i waited for my parents, i thought they may have just slept in but, still i did not see them. i put my bowl in the sink and walked into the family room. there were my parents, and father Williams. i thought it was strange, they looked at me as i walked in. i sat down, they kept staring at me. "good morning everyone" i said to break the ice, but they still stared at me with stone cold faces. it was if at random my father said "are u ready to talk?". "yes" i replied, "about what?".  i realize that there was no reason for asking because i already knew the answer. my father cleared his throat as if he was giving a speech to the governor. "the things that have been happening to you, are, not be chance" my father said. "u have been chosen by the sacred counsel to be the next assistant of death and the next heir to the sixth throne". i have no idea what any of this meant, i had no idea what the sacred counsil was. then father Williams spoke, "because you have been chosen to be deaths assistant and voted by the six to be an heir of the throne, i must ban you from the church". "you must go to the sacred gates where you must greet death". i was scared, what was father Williams and my father talking about, who were the six? why did i have to go to some sacred gates? where were these sacred gates? that's when it all made sense, that's when i realized it all made sense, the dreams, the pains, the marks on my hand.

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