darker side of things

this is the story of a boy who is raised by a Christian/ Catholic family. who has an encounter with all 6 of the fallen ones and confrontation of death himself. through a ravenous experience and many horrors he comes to terms that he was chosen at birth to be the apprentice of death, and his parents know more than they are willing to say.


2. the begining of the end, or maybe not

After the priest had said his good bye's the final bells rung and everyone left the church. as I walked out with my family feeling more miserable than when I had walked in, my mother asked what was wrong. in her mind people should feel good, feel refreshed when they walk out of church because all of the bad stuff of the last week have been removed, and washed away by "god". I could not  tell her that I did not want to go to church, nor did praise "god" (I think you could imagine where this story is going, but i must assure you it does get interesting). after church we had early dinner and after we all talked about what was going on in our lives outside of the house. I was unusually quite that evening. and eventually i just slumped away to my bedroom feeling quite sick. I had no understanding of why i felt this way, as if a deep pain had been placed upon me. it wasn't of the physical pain, like a stomach ache or muscle tension. It seemed to be one that I could not pin point. A pain that was inside me, one that  was slowly seeping onto my soul. I did not cry, nor did i tell my parents, i just ignored it, bit my lip, and tried to sleep. Sleep isn't even the word to describe what I experienced  next, I seemed to be in an isolate state of fear, one that i had not ever experienced, i seemed to have all of my greatest fears inside my mind, as if i was experiencing them all at once. I saw not only my death, but the death of everyone around me, though it seemed that my death unlike everyone else's was not a death at all. I was still breathing, i was scared, and i could feel my heart pounding so hard my chest was beginning to bruise. it seemed to go on for ever, as if it would never stop. when i finally woke up I was gasping for air, it seemed to be that there was a set of hands around my neck. eventually it subsided and I carried out my day. school was closed today, as they were having there annual clean out. after breakfast and a shower, which was quite relaxing after what a night i had, had. i tried to get a little more sleep, but i could not, i was to scared that the dreams would happen again. instead of sleeping i decided it was time to get some reading in. my parents always loved books and kept a library where the spare bedroom should have been. as i scanned my fingers through the books i noticed that the pain started again, slightly worse than the day before, then i also noticed that my finger had stopped, it didn't just stop, it stopped on the bible. my parents always kept a copy in every room. except i put the copy in my room in the library, hidden among the books (i am still suprisef that they haven't discovered the second copy in the library). Removed my finger from it, and also noticed some, what seemed to be searing marks, like burning your self on the stove. at first i didn't know what to think, and all i could do was stand there, stunned. if felt like minutes which turned out to be hours, that i stood there, until i heard my parents come into the house. i knew i couldn't tell them what happened. I calmly walked down stairs, greeted them with the usual smile and watched as they took turns in the pray closet. just the sight of it made me sick. later, after dinner, we sat in the living room and my parents told about the stories of there day we chuckled a bit. when i  came to my turn, i thought about what happened, i couldn't lie to them. i knew that if i did they would know i was lying. so i told them that i had spent the day reading. they glanced at each other, then looked at me, then at each other at me with a foul expression. "your lying" my mother said. i get a look on my face when i lie, its a sub-conscious look. the one thing she could not stand was a lie. "Go to your room" she said. i went, almost gladly. later she came up. she had that expression on her face. she asked what was wrong. i said nothing, but she was persistant.i eventually had no choice but to tell her about the  incident in the home library and the pain and dreams the previous night. as i began to tell her of the searing pain, in the library and the dreams, the look on her face turned to anger, and then concern. when i finished she simply stood up and walked out of the room. she told my father, they had a long talk, none of which i could understand. when she came back she was accompanied by my father, and they simply said "go to sleep and we will talk in the morning". in truth, i was afraid to go to sleep, but as i began to close my eye's, i quickly drifted off to sleep. i was right to be scared, the pain came back and the nightmare happened again only worse. there was a line of 6 figures, i didn't know who they were, but they were causeing complete chaos. though i noticed as i say my self hiding, that i was enjoying it, beginning to forget the pain and enjoy the chaos and destruction. as i watched the number of dead bodies increased. they seemed to not notice me, though i could see they noticed my presence. Then the pain started to increase, it became unbearable, so unbearable i began to scream and i realized the six were standing over me. i could not see them, as they were blacked robed figured, there faces seemed to be hidden, the one one in the center seemed to nod at me, and then they were gone, it felt like hours till i woke up, screaming of the pain, but all the was around me know was the bodies of the dead. i woke then. still feeling the pain, just now it was bearable. I began to cry. i could not understand what was happening to. my dreams were so bad I began to be afraid to sleep. now that I was awake, I looked around my room, everything was normal, nothing seemed to have changed. the dust seemed to stand still in the air, as if the laws of gravity didn't exist. I slowly got out of bed. my head felt like it had just been hit my a happily falling anvil. I walked to the window, my body ached as I moved I undid the latch and lifted it up. the staleness in the air seemed to the disappear, and I seemed to be able to breath clearly again. I looked at the little clock on my bedstand, as the strike of eight hit, I heard my mother yell "pancakes". I ran down stair, I loved pancakes, they seemed to be my comfort food, and after the past few experiances I have had, I really needed it. as I walked into the kitchen my father was already at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper, while mom was setting the plate of pancakes on the table. they seemed to glance at each other, then at me. the glance seemed to go on for ever. I grabbed two pancakes off the stack, they glanced at each other again. this time it seemed to be a silent conversation, then they both nodded. my father spoke first,saying we would be visiting father Williams at the rectory, saying that we had some important things to discuss.

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