darker side of things

this is the story of a boy who is raised by a Christian/ Catholic family. who has an encounter with all 6 of the fallen ones and confrontation of death himself. through a ravenous experience and many horrors he comes to terms that he was chosen at birth to be the apprentice of death, and his parents know more than they are willing to say.


3. Evil arising, or is it truly evil

We just left the house, the air was cool, the windows were foggy, yet I still seemed unnaturally warm. The ride seemed to take forever but we finally got to the rectory. As I got out of the car the air was still cool, yet now I felt really warm, as if I was in a snow globe over a fire. we walked up the path to the rectory door. Today was usually father Williams day off but what ever had to be discussed had to have been really important, and I had a feeling it was about what I had told my mother, and my parents discussion the previous night. As I came to the front door, the building seemed to have an erie feel to it, though I managed to pay no attention to it. I figured it was just my mind playing tricks on me. when father Williams opened the door he first looked at my parents with a grave smile, not one I had ever seen. it was a very serious smile, like a cover to what truly should have been.  when he looked at me, his smile seemed to melt away into a grim look that almost struck fear into me. he seemed to analyze me for a moment, then he just simply said "come in". I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but my parents, they had a look of fear in there eye's, one that I had never seen before. father Williams made us site in individual chairs, my parents chairs where put together and mine in front of theirs. father Williams chair sat in front of me facing me and my parents. father Williams began to ask question. "what are your dreams like?", "tell me about your pains", "What about the incident in the library?". I told him everything. it was like spilling out my life to a complete stranger. after I finished he simply looked at me, then said "let me see your hands". I held up my hands, he seemed to stare at the burn marks on my fingers. he pushed my hands down and simply glanced at me, then said he needed to speak with my parents. he brought my parents through a set of slide doors that led into the parlor and slid the doors closed. I sat and waited. I could hear the mumbling of the conversation, but I couldn't understand what was being said. then I began to hear a lot of crying, as if my mother had just dropped he great great grand mothers music box which had been passed down through  millennia of the family. I waited for them to come out and say that I was being possessed or something, but, that's not what happened at all. a half hour later they came out. my mother was wiping her eye's, my father had a stone faced expression of both anger and fear. father Williams said good bye's and walked us to the door. as I left, I began to notice the air again. this time it was if time stopped outside. the sun seemed to be just setting, but the air, the wind, everything about what I was seeing seemed to have been exactly the same as when I walked in. my parents nudged me on and sped out of the rectory as if they had just won the stats lottery and the check was waiting in our mailbox. as we puled up into the drive way, my parents rushed inside and immediatly locked the door behind us. I thought is was strange and I knew what ever they talked about with father Williams must have had to have been serious. my parents had very grave looks, ones that could easily be taken for fear. I knew they were scared but they refused to tell me, I knew they didn't want to talk about it because as soon as I was about to ask my father said in the darkest tone I had ever heard come from his lips, "Go to bed, we have more to discuss in the morning". I was scared, my father never yelled, never gave any sort of stern tone. I walked briskly to my room, I wasn't sure what to expect. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling for hours. the time seemed to go by so quickly. i began to notice shadows above my head, the moon was full and high in the sky and its light was like a ray of coldness through my window. the shadows of my room seemed to for a point right over my head. i was as if a drift of nothing hit me, which was strange. then, it was if slumber slapped me in the face. I fell asleep instantaneously . The pain returned in my sleep and so did the dream. this time the dream was different. i had the intense pain through my entire body but I noticed that it seemed to have weakened slightly. as I watched the six continue to create their absolute chaos, it was as if a switch finally got flipped inside me. i could not understand it or what it meant. as did before, i found myself at the feet of the six. this time was different though. the one in the center held out its hand. the other five seemed to do the same. they began to chant. the chant was like being engulfed by darkness. my hands started to burn. it was as if someone was holding a flame on my hand. i began to scream, begging that they stop, but they would not. the six kept chanting timing the words so precisely it was as if only one person was talking. my hands seemed to smoke, they burned with such a fury. i was crying, begging, that they stopped. then i realized that all of a sudden i was awake, staring into the darkness of my room. i cried for hours, i lay my head down closed my eye's and cried. i drifted into a sleep this time it seemed to be more of a time laps. when i awoke that morning i was shocked at what i saw, i was almost paralyzed at what i saw. the burning in my dream last night had happened. as i looked at my hands in horror i could not stop trembling. on my hands was branded the cross of Lucifer and on each of my finger tips was the pentagram, with the sigils of baphomet.

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