Last First Kiss // h.s

"Stay away from her, boys." I hear my dad say to the boys of One Direction, me eavesdropping. "I mean it."
"But Paul-" Liam begins but is cut off by my dad.
"I'm serious, boys, or you won't see her again."
Paul Higgins is my father. My name is Kait and I've grown up for 18 years now without a mother. My dad is very over-protective of me, so it doesn't surprise me that he doesn't want any guys around me unless he's met them and has given his approval.
My name is Kaitlynn Higgins, and this is the story of my secret relationship...

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2. Chapter 2.

"Melanie stop it!" I yelll at her. She is constantly throwing popcorn at me as I try to watch my favorite movie, The Notebook. "Stop it!"

She laughs again but obligues and ceases throwing popcorn kernels at me. I sigh, relieved. Now I can finally watch the movie.

"I want you all day, every day, for the rest of my life." Noah says to Ally. I dig my spoon into the gallon of Krazy Kookie Dough icecream, stuffing my face. This was always my favorite scene. I'm not sure if it's the fight where they say things they don't mean or if it's the fact that even though she is begging him and that she accidentally breaks up with him, he continues to show unrequitted unconditional love?

"I want a boyfriend like Noah." I say to Melanie, looking over at her.

"Maybe one day you'll date the ultimate heart-throb, charismatic and romantic gentleman of One Direction?" She snorts.

I don't laugh back. I simply rest my spoon against the gallon of icecream. Yeah. I thought to myself. Maybe.

As I am crying at Noah's chivelrous attempt to have Ally stay with him, my dad walks through the door, startling both Melanie and I. He looks very happy.

Melanie jumps off of the couch. "Dear god is it night already? I better run." She hugs me.

"Bye Mel. Text me." I say to her as she says goodbye to my father. She closes the door behind her and I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding from the back of my throat. "Well?" I ask my dad, looking up at him.

His smile grows bigger as he sits on the couch beside me. "I got the job." He calmly says.

"Oh my god dad that's great!" I shout, hugging him. "Who is it with? Who's the band?" I ask excitedly, pulling away.

His smile grows bigger than before. "You'll see."

"Aw c'mon dad, tell me."

"You'll see." He says again. "They'll be over tomorrow." With that, he walks away, up the stairs, and into his room.

Who could this band possibly be that he keeps telling me "you'll see"?

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