Last First Kiss // h.s

"Stay away from her, boys." I hear my dad say to the boys of One Direction, me eavesdropping. "I mean it."
"But Paul-" Liam begins but is cut off by my dad.
"I'm serious, boys, or you won't see her again."
Paul Higgins is my father. My name is Kait and I've grown up for 18 years now without a mother. My dad is very over-protective of me, so it doesn't surprise me that he doesn't want any guys around me unless he's met them and has given his approval.
My name is Kaitlynn Higgins, and this is the story of my secret relationship...

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1. Chapter 1.

I woke up to the sound of an alarm ringing. I groan and look at the time. 7:15am. I reach over towards the clock when realization hits me that it's not my alarm. It's my dad's.

My dad is Paul Higgings and I've grown up without a mother for 18 years of my life. He is very over-protective of me, not allowing me to hang out with guys unless he gives me his approval.

I drag myself out of bed and walk down the hall, where the alarm is still blazing, and knock on my dad's door. I hear groans come from inside before the alarm is turned off. I suddenly hear shuffling inside the room before the door opens.

"Did my alarm wake you?" My dad asks in his groggy voice.

I simply nod my head, walking back to my bedroom. I flop onto my bed and stare at the ceililng. I hear the shower down the hall turn on. I reach over to my bedside table, pick up my iPod, place the earbuds in my ear, and go through my playlist before landing on the Take Me Home album by One Direction. They're my favorite musicians in the world and I can't believe that I might actually get the chance to meet them.

I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding before closing my eyes to try to get some more sleep. Unfortunately, I've already woken for the day and can't sleep. I stand up, sticking the iPod into the hem of my shorts before walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. My dad should be downstairs any second now so I decide to whip up some breakfast. I settle with pancakes, bacon, and eggs, having it finished by the time that my dad descends from the stairs.

I look up at my dad and smile. He is dressed in a nice, suiting tux, and his light brown hair is combed nicely, pushed up at the front.

"Breakfast?" I ask my dad, who is now awake.

He smiles and sits down at the table, where I pile two pancakes, bacon, and eggs on of each plate


"Okay. Good luck at your interview today, dad!" I yell to him as he opens the door to his car.

"Thanks, sweeite!" He yells back, waving before he gets into his car and drives away.

I walk back inside and close the door behind me. I lean against the door, sighing. Today is going to be very boring without my dad. Maybe Chloe can hangout or something. Yeah, I text her.

To: Chloe

Dad's out for a while. Wanna come over or go somewhere? -K. Xx

I press send and set my phone down on the counter. I walk into the kitchen, grabbing a class out of the cabinet and pouring myself a glass of orange juice. As I'm putting the orange juice back in the refridgerator, my phone vibrates, making an echoing noise on the granite countertop. I walk over to my phone, picking it up. One new text.

From: Chloe

I'll be at your house in 20. We can watch a movie or go shopping or whatever you're up for.

I smile as I read the text, locking my phone and placing it back on the countertop. I rush up stairs and into my bathroom, turning on the shower. I strip my clothes off and stare into the mirror. Bruises all over my torso. I sigh. I wish I had never even met that asshole.

I decided that I would go with Chloe and Melanie to the club. I downed a couple of drinks in the corner where I couldn't be seen, mentioning I am only 18. Chloe grabbed my hand and drug me out to the dance floor. Chloe and I started dancing together. Moments later, I felt someone's hands on my hips, moving in sync with me to the music. Chloe winks at me and walks away, leaving me alone with someone I just met.

"Come on. I want to show you something." He whispers into my ear, grabbing my hand and dragging me outside.

"Wha-what a-are y-you do-doing?" I stutter.

I stepped back to find my back against a brick wall. I trembled. He pinned my hands above my head with his own before kissing my neck. I whimpered beneath his touch. He kept kissing me and all I could do is cry. He slapped me across the face.

"Don't make a noise." He pushed me harder against the brick, pressing his hardened dick into my torso, making me whimper.

I shake my head as I remember that night. Remembering the graphic images of the beating, the raping. I shake my head again and tried to clear myself of the thoughts. I step into the shower, allowing the hot water to trickle down my body.

I wonder who my dad will end up working for? I know he applied to be like the dad to some band, but he won't tell me who it is. What if it's One Direction? Oh my god that would be so cool! My subconscious is very active today, but she's right. I am wondering who he would be working for/with, and it would be a dream come true if it was One Direction. I laugh at the very thought. There's no way in hell it wou;d be One Direction. Don't get your hopes up. My snarky subconscious reminds me. You always get hurt when you do. Wow, she is really on-point today.

I wash my hair and body before stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my body. I walk into my closet, grabbing a pair of skinny jeans and a blue crop top with the words "Paris Ventage" on it, the A in Paris in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. I slip into the jeans and shirt before walking back into the bathroom. I run a brush through my wet hair before drying it and pulling it up into a messy bun.

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