Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


9. Chapter 9


   Callie stood in front of me...but it wasn't Callie... She looked so different and I couldn't bring myself to believe that it's her. But, she's right there... She came over to give me a hug. Zayn and Liam were quiet, listening to what was about to be said. Jason stood there awkwardly, but tried to smile it off.

   "W-what ar-are you d-doing here?" I stuttered.

   "Jason and I were going for a run, you wanna come?" She asked, Jason's face fell slightly.

   "N-no that o-ok...I'm n-not much of a r-runner," Still surprised, I still stuttered. I heard Zayn scoff from the other room. Clearing my throat I got my stuttering under control. "I didn't think you two were friends..." I trailed off.

   "Oh!" Callie started to laugh, "Jason and I have known each other forever. Liam and my dad Louis are best friends so..." She shrugged and looked over at Jason who smiled back, I think he wanted to be more then "old friends". No girl is an expert on guys, but his eyes made it pretty clear.

   "...You're Louis daughter?" I asked still confused.

   "Yup," She replied popping the 'p'. "Him and Kirsten are my parents. From what I hear my mom and your's were pretty good friends," I thought back to when my mom could talk about her friends. I remember a girl named Kirsten being frequent in her stories, but she never let me see a picture of her...she never let me see a picture of anyone from her I know why.

   I smiled and nodded, "My mom used to talk about her a lot," Callie smiled, she seemed the same...just looked different.

   "So...I hear your Zayn's daughter..." It was her turn to trail off.

   "Yup," I popped the 'p' to mimic her and we both started laughing. Jason cleared his throat and Callie nodded back to him.

   "Well, see you later Rose!" She smiled and ran towards the door, racing Jason to the end of the block. I smiled and came out to sit at the bar next to Zayn. Liam stopped what he was doing and looked back and forth between us. Looking over at my dad I saw we had the same confused expression on our faces. Liam laughed and shook his head.

   "That's one thing you got from him Rosalie. You both have that same look," He used a knife to gesture between the two of us. Returning back to cutting the carrots he also said, "You both also have that mysterious look to you. Quiet, not showing any emotion... Wow Rose that's the first time I've actually believed your his daughter," We all laugh and Zayn looks over at me.

   "She really is her mother's daughter," We all smiled and I looked down embarrassed. Zayn excused himself to go wash up for dinner and told me to go do the same. Apparently we were going to have a "Welcome Home!" party, since he was finally back. I walked up to my room to find a white dry cleaners bag on my bed.

   "Liam," I sighed and rolled my eyes, opening up the bag. A black dress with a pink rose design sat there. It was tight fitted at the top and it flared out at the hips. Thick straps held it on the hanger. I rolled my eyes, 'these guys sure are playing the "rose" card,' I sighed and went to rinse off. After stepping out of the shower I wrapped a towel around myself and went to dry my hair. It curled into soft curls and hung around my shoulders. I did my make-up and slipped the dress on. I wondered how Liam knew my size since I'd known him for only a few days. Voices came from downstairs so I slipped on some sandals that matched the dress and walked towards the kitchen.

   "So...when do we get to meet Rosalie?" A guy's voice asked.

   "She's upstairs getting ready," Liam answered.

   "And, now she's downstairs," I responded sassily. I walked into the kitchen and everyone stared. All the boys were in there. Liam was taking cookies out of the oven. Harry, Zayn and Louis were sitting at the bar stools, and Niall was sneakily eating all the cookies off the tray. I looked at him and laughed. Liam turned to see Niall and slapped him upside the head. Niall scowled before taking two more cookies and running off into the living room. Many girl voices greeted him. Liam rolled his eyes and I laughed again with everybody else. Louis stopped and stared at me, making me place my hands on my hips. "Something wrong?" I snapped. I didn't mean to sound mean, but that's how I was, they could deal with it. He shook his head and looked down at his hands that were folded on the counter.

   "Rosalie this is Louis and the blonde one was Niall. Their wives are in the living room and I'm sure you'll meet their kids soon enough," Liam gestured for me to go into the living room. I waved to everyone and walked into the other room. Three girls and Niall sat on the couches, Niall still had a cookie in each hand and one stuffed in his mouth. He waved at me with his cookie and everyone looked up. I stood against the door frame and watched all their eyes grow wide.

   "Holy shit, you look so much like your mom," A lady in a red, strapless dress stood up and walked over to me, standing just in front of me. I stood there silently looking at her with one eyebrow raised. Then she continued, "I'm Kirsten, Louis' wife, your mom's best friend..." I didn't know what to say so I just stared at her until she hugged me. I hugged her back and everyone else introduced themselves as Kirsten kept one arm wrapped around my waist. Niall and Louise said 'hi' first and walked back into the kitchen. A lady with a dark blue, strapless, fitted dress introduced herself as Haili, Harry's wife. I said 'hi' to all of them when screaming erupted out of the blue. Kirsten's arm dropped from around me as she ran up the stairs into a bedroom. She came back out holding a little animal blanket. I saw Louis run up to her and hold out his arms. She passed the blanket to him and I caught a glance of a little, maybe a month old baby. Kirsten didn't look like she had just had a baby...but did any celebrity wife? Louis' face crinkled up and he passed the baby back to Kirsten.

   "Now what?" I hear her ask.

   "He has a stinky diaper," He shrugged and ran back down the stairs. Kirsten rolled her eyes and went to change him. She came back out and brought the baby over to me.

   "What's their name?" I asked.

   "Emmett," She replied, smiling down at her son. I smiled and wondered if that's what my mom looked like when she looked at me.

   We ate dinner and the cookies that Niall didn't eat and were sitting around in the family room. The twins Kodi and Niall Jr. were sitting beside me being typical 4 year old boys. Karlee, their little 2 year old sister sat on Louise's lap, her mom playing with her hair. 3 year old Lindsey was messing with her dad Harry's curls. Hannah, Jason, Callie, and Lilly were all in the game room. Finally Kirsten and Louis other daughter Christina, who they called Chrissy and was 10, was on Louis' lap. We all talked and everyone asked me a lot of questions. Finally they all went home except for Callie. Callie was spending the night with "me". Kirsten had talked to her about it before and they had almost gotten into a fight about it. My mom had always told me that Kirsten was hot headed...I guess they both were.


   "You know who else is here, right?..." Kirsten asked her shooting a glance towards Jason.

   "Yes mom, I know...I'm staying with Rose!" She said back, rolling her eyes.

   "Don't you roll your eyes at me!" She shot back.

   "Yes mom," Callie said over her shoulder as she followed me to "my" room...



   She's so much like Emily.

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