Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


8. Chapter 8



   A certain someone still hadn't returned and I was wondering if he ever would. I walked to my first class, English. I liked English, my mom always said that I got that from my dad since she hated English, she never understood it, or the point of it for that matter. My teacher Mrs. Kimberly liked to give us writing assignments. Writing was my favorite part of English. Along with this class I also took a Creative Writing class with her, I had kinda become her "teacher's pet". I got dirty looks for this but I actually found it a compliment.

   The bell rang and I went to Geometry (which I didn't get, just like Zayn),Creative Writing, and Spanish without anything exciting happening. Lunch came next and I sat with Callie. She was casting strange glances over her shoulder towards Jason and his friends, and when I asked her about it she would change the subject. We went to British History together and then to Bio. Jason and I had become civil ever since a few nights ago when I'd thanked him, so being his Bio partner wasn't bad at all. He was actually really funny, sweet, and I was going to enjoy being like his "sister". Bio went by quickly like it had been lately and I waked off to Drama. I walked in with a slight hope that Dustin would be there, but he wasn't. He'd been a no-show for the past 2 days. My mood was ruined as Drama ticked by slowly.

   Finally the bell rang and I walked to my locker. Pulling out everything that I would need I waited outside for Liam's driver that drove us to and from school every day. Jason and Hannah came up beside me and we got into the black car together. Lilly was already in there from Pre-School and was singing along to 'The Wheels on the Bus' that was playing through the speakers. Hannah and Jason rolled their eyes and got on their phones. I started singing along with Lilly (since I was like a child at heart) and everyone's heads popped up, including the driver's. I stopped and wondered what they were staring at, but they all just shook their heads and looked quickly back to what they were doing. I really didn't know what they were staring at me for.


   I walked upstairs to find a big 'R' made out of material with pink roses on my plain white door. Confused I walked in to find a aqua colored room with black and white furniture. Everywhere there were little hints of color. There was a bright red sofa at the end of my bed facing a big flat screen. The duvet cover what a black background with lots of grey and some bright red roses on it. My pillows had black and white pictures of New York and Paris on them. A black and white picture of London with a red Double-Decker bus was hung straight above my bed, with metal carved owls on either side of it. My closet door and the inside of my door were painted red, and a big desk was placed against one wall. Pictures of my friends and family were placed in multiple picture frames and lined my walls. In awe I dropped my bag and walked into my closet. It was painted the same color but it had black writing all along the walls. Looking closer I realized that they were some of my favorite quotes (I practically lived on quotes) and some quotes of my own from The Impostors. A 3D mirror stood facing me, and the racks were mostly empty except with the few clothes I had. A black leather sofa faced the mirror and a red bean-bag sat in front of it. The light was given off by a crystal chandelier that hung high above my head.

   I was overjoyed and I couldn't form words. Whoever did this really knew me and my style. This was exactly my dream room, one that I had probably told on The Impostors. My mouth hung open and tears of joy formed in my eyes. I didn't notice the footsteps that came in behind me until a voice spoke form behind me.

   "I'm glad you like it..." I turned around quickly to see Zayn, my dad, standing there staring at me with a wide grin spread across his face. Without knowing what I was doing I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around him. He seemed taken aback at first, but then quickly wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tighter into his chest. I cried tears of joy into his chest as he kissed my head and 'shushed' me quietly.

   I pulled back and whispered out, "Thank you..." His eyes filled with tears as he pulled me back in.

   "You're welcome Rosalie. I'm so sorry for was the least I could do. I'll make up all those years to you...that's a promise," He whispered into my hair. I felt his tears come down and wet the top of my head. His shirt soaked through as more tears came down. Nobody had ever done something this perfect for me, words couldn't explain how happy I was right now. I opened my mouth to say something, but he quieted me by saying something first, "You don't need to say anything else. I know how you feel, you don't need to say anything else," I just hugged him in reply. We stayed there for a long time, I guess it just felt good to be held by somebody that you thought you were never going to meet. I was glad that I had finally met my dad.

   It still didn't feel right to call him 'dad' so I just said, "Thanks Zayn," I felt him smile into my hair. He didn't seem to care that I called him Zayn, he was just happy that I wasn't mad at him. How could I after everything he's done, trying to make me happy, even if all he did was the was plenty for me to forgive him.


   I walked back downstairs after finishing my home work in my new room. Zayn had left a while after that so I could start to "work on it"...he knew I was my mother's daughter. As I got downstairs I saw Zayn sitting at the bar counter and Liam in the kitchen once again (he was the cook of the family). They both looked happy to be talking to each other again. I could hear Lilly and Hannah from the game room behind me playing the pony game that Lilly loved so much. In the living room I heard two voices, 1 Jason's and 1 Callie's...wait Callie? Why would Callie be here?! My curiosity got the best of me and I walked into the living room unnoticed. Jason and Callie were "watching" a show. "Watching" as in not paying attention but just talking to each other and laughing. Callie sat cross-legged facing him, Jason had one elbow propped up against the back on the couch with his body facing the door.

   As I came in Jason said, "Hey Rose," His dark brown eyes sparkled with laughter and his brown hair looked messy, like he'd been messing with it. Callie turned towards me and I gasped as I took in the sight before me. Callie's light brown hair was straightened and pulled into a pony tail instead of her normal frizzy pig-tails. Her blue eyes sparkled with light make-up around them, making them look brighter than normal. She wore no glasses, but instead contacts, and she wore a pink tank-top with black spandex pants. Blue and green trainers were on her feet, looking like she had been out for a run. Actually looks like they both were going for a run.

   "Rose!" She shouted, leaping over to give me a hug.

   "Callie?!?!?!" I was shocked and confused. Was anything I knew the truth anymore?!

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