Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


7. Chapter 7


   I walked in and placed my back against the door.

   Liam was in the kitchen and he called out, "Rosalie?" I straightened up and walked over to the bar counter and sat in one of the stools, something I always did with my mom. Liam looked up surprised and slowly stuttered out, "H-how w-was your d-day?" His kids must not do this with him. I explained about my day, leaving out Jasper and Dustin. He looked happy to be talking with someone who was like his daughter. He knew that if Emily had let me grow up knowing my dad that he would probably be the Godfather anyways, but since she wasn't here he brought it upon himself. "I'm glad that you're making friends already, same thing your mom would've done. She always had a way with people, good or bad. She always knew exactly what to say to them to get them to talk to her," He stopped and looked down sadly with a small smile at the memories running through his mind. I sighed and nodded as we silently thought about those memories. I excused myself and went up to my room. I was going to work on my homework but then started procrastinating, just like my I was almost her exact copy, I wonder what I even got from Zayn. 

   I didn't know where my feet were taking me until I ended up in front of a door with a large, black 'J' on it. I took a deep breath and knocked. Music was blasting through speakers as Jason opened the door. He had no shirt on and had boxing gloves on his hands. I glanced over his shoulder to see a punching bag in the corner, still swinging from the last punch he'd thrown.

   "Can I help you?" He asked awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck with the red glove.

   "I...uh...just wanted to thank you. You know for...talking to Mr. Therd about... you know," I said awkwardly, wringing my hands and looking down at the ground.

   " heard bout that?" His feet suddenly becoming very interesting, his face became redder as the heat rose to them.

   "Ya...Callie told me bout it,"

   "Oh...ya...well...your welcome,"

   "Well I better get started on home work then..."

   "Ya me too," He rushed to take off his boxing gloves and turned around to shut his door. He stopped awkwardly right before it closed and looked down the hall to where I was standing in front of my door. "I'm sorry bout Jasper, Rosalie," I looked at him, he had a look of sincerity come over his face, a similar look plastered over mine. It was then that I realized that he wasn't that bad of a guy, he just didn't show it to a lot of people.

   "It's alright Jason, it's not your fault.... and call me Rose," I smiled at him. He returned the smile before we both went into our room and shut the doors. I leaned against the wall and slowly slid down to the floor. Life here was going to be interesting.


   I had gotten away. I now stood in the middle of a club, not really caring about anything there. Some girls had come up to me and asked me to dance, each one I declined. All I could think of was Emily and Rosalie. Where was Emily? And why did Rosalie just show up out of the blue?...Why did I leave her there? She must think I'm some kind of monster.

   Pushing the glass of beer to the end of the counter and leaving a tip, I walked out of the club and back to my hotel, the cold air clearing my mind. I walked in and pulled out the laptop that was in my room. I went to 'The Impostors' YouTube channel. Watching a few of their random videos made my smile return. They acted out stupid skits that made me laugh. They did random interviews of themselves and their other friends. There was a video of them sprawled out in the back of a car pretending to lip sink one of our songs with their feet out the back windows. They played truth or dare, would you rather, I have never ever, and 2 truths and a lie in a lot of videos, these helped me get to know her a lot. Also there were what they called "rolling stones" which were stupid quotes from their videos, clips of videos from anything, random facts about themselves and other things, etc. At one point they were singing along to different songs and making up random dances like they where in that one video Hannah was watching that one day.

   A song came up called "Hummingbird Heartbeat" by Katy Perry and when the first line sounded they were laughing while I was sitting there, finally feeling like a dad, my eyes wide. That first line made me feel super protective over Rosalie. I stopped the video and brought up a room design planner. I used all the things I had learned about her from the videos, and what I thought she would like based on Emily and I to create a room in my mansion for her. I decided right then that I wouldn't let anybody hurt her, she was my daughter. Sure I didn't know about her until a few days ago, but I wasn't going to let her go now. I knew about her now and I would make it count, I would make it up to her...somehow. She was mine now. I called up the foster care system and set up an appointment.

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