Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


5. Chapter 5


   I had gotten called down to the school not long after I left. Thinking Jason was in the principles once again I grabbed my coat and rushed over. Harry stepped out of his Audi at the same time I got there and we stood there wondering what the boys could've done this time. Those two together were the trouble makers at the school, Harry and I were in there almost every week.

   Walking into the office we walked straight into the principles to find Jasper arguing with Mr. Therd (the principle). Harry rolled his eyes and took a seat next to him. I sat next to him and an empty seat was next to me. I wondered where Jason was. The door behind us opened and I sat there still face Mr. Therd. Harry turned and gasped, his eyes wide and jaw hanging open. Confused I turned around and saw non other than Rosalie. She sat beside me and shot Jasper a dirty look that Emily would've given to Harry. Honestly I was glad I'd never gotten that look, it terrified me seeing other people receive it. Harry had an amazed look on his face, I'd told him about Rosalie last night after Zayn had passed out.

   "As you can see, we aren't here to discuss normal matters. Today it seems that Jasper gave unwanted attention to Ms. Malik here and she slapped him," He quietly laughed to himself. Looking over I saw Rosalie laughing a little also. Jasper looked angry and I noticed a large red spot on his face. Her face was pulled back into a angry looking expression that matched Jasper's when I turned back. Harry and I looked at each other and he mouthed 'damn!' I nodded and struggled to hold back a laugh. I leaned over and whispered, "Like mother, like daughter," I winked at him. His expression dropped a little but then he started struggling not to laugh with me. Mr. Therd looked irritated that we thought this was funny, even though he had a second ago also.

   We ended up talking it out and giving detention to both the students and not assigning the blame entirely to either of them. Rosalie stayed quiet the entire time while Jasper continued to make comments and argue with the principle. We finish our meeting and Harry and I lead the way out. Jasper waked in front of her and shut the door in her face. The door opened up and she came out and went straight to the hallway, eyes black, face red, knuckles white, and her mouth pulled into a tight line. Harry scolded him as we walked after her and she waited for us. I stopped by her, but Harry and Jasper kept walking. I decided not to say anything just motioned for Jasper to come back and he stood beside her as I walked off.

   "She's just like Emily!" Harry whispered in my ear, "Looks and everything," He looked back in awe and stopped dead. I turned around and ran back to stop what I knew was going to happen.


   "You just had to go get me in trouble didn't you?" Jasper's voice growled in my ear as Liam and Harry started walking towards the exit.

   "And you're so innocent," I growled, rounding on him. His eyes flashed with anger as he grabbed my wrist. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Liam running back towards us. I threw his hand off and got in his face. "Don't. You. Dare. Touch. Me," I paused making each word sound more threatening. He smirked as Liam's hands came in between us and pushed us apart. Harry came up beside me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I shook it off and threw him a dirty glance that he didn't see. I clenched my jaw and started walking the other way.

   "You're going the wrong way again," Jasper called out from behind me. I turned to look and the boys were gone.

   "Then maybe you should show me where to go instead of hitting on me or trying to strangle my wrist," I spat. He smirked and rolled his eyes, walking in front of me. I followed him knowing that this detention was going to be hell.


   Jasper hadn't stopped flirting with our detention server Ms. Rolieer since we had gotten in here. She was apparently the music and drama teacher. She gave in after a while and started flirting back playfully.

   "I guess that's why you're the best teacher in the school," Jasper winked at her and she got red. I couldn't hold back the groan of annoyance anymore, so I let it out and rolled my eyes. They both looked over and Jasper smirked. I guess neither of them realized that this was against the law, or if they did they were thrilled by the rebellious feel to it. Ms. Rolieer "accidentally" dropped her pen and bent down to grab it.

   The back of her skit pulled dangerously up and she stood back up, turning to Jasper and giggling, "Klutzy me," He went ridged from his "show" and his eyes darkened with lust. Not wanting to be in the room anymore I got up and walked out. Knowing that they wouldn't care cause now they were alone...god I didn't even want to think about the things they were going to do when they were alone...

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