Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


47. Chapter 45

A/N Guess what guys...LAST CHAPTER TO AYMF!!!!! But I have better news...THERE'S A SEQUEL! It's called 'Goodnight Daddy' It should be up soon. Try to look for it on my profile, but if you can't find it comment your email and I'll try and send you a link. Thanks for everything, and for loving this story. P.S. your comments make my day ;). Love you all.

-xx Em


    I had left after that. Now I was standing out by the tire swing once again. I had texted Issac to meet me here after Dustin wouldn't answer his phone...I needed someone right now...for some reason I didn't want to call Jasper... How I had Issac's number...I didn't remember. Maybe it was there from that night. I don't really know. As he came over the hill I was just sitting down under a tree in all the leaves. They pilled up around me, I drug them over my lap to form a blanket type thing. Issac sat down on the tire swing to the left of me. His eyes felt piercing as he stared at me, me not looking back. Finally I turned my head to look at him, his eyes had bags under them from a sleepless night. Was there something he wasn't telling me?

   "Is something wrong? You look like you haven't slept in a week!" I exclaimed. He gave a half-hearted laugh.

   "I told you already. No one can find him. I've been out all night looking for him,"

   I gasped. Our conversation returned to my mind and I recalled him saying something like that. I shook my head to clear the thoughts and stared straight forward.

   "He's really gone?" I asked, still not thinking he would do that. Issac just nodded in return and looked away. My eyes moved to the blanket of leaves covering me. As if something had made my muscles move for me, the leaves were gone...and so was I. I ran as fast as I could through the trees, pushing bare branches out of my way. Dead limbs from the trees littered the ground, tripping my occasionally, but I didn't stop running. Pushing my way through the forest, I finally reached the edge. As I sprinted towards the house I threw the door open to see a empty, dark house. They must've thought I was with a friend...but what friend? Callie was really the only one...and Kirsten and Louis would've said something...right? I shook my head to clear all thoughts but those of Dustin. There was one thing I had to do, one thing that mattered the matter how many times the little voice inside my head told me that this was a bad idea... Taking the stairs two at a time, I reached my room quickly and flung open the door, flinching as it slammed against the wall. Hopefully everyone was so tired from today that they slept through that. I locked the door quickly, pushing my desk chair up under the handle to by myself more time. I jumped up and grabbed my duffel and two suitcases from the top of the closet. I stood there running round my closet, flinging things into the bags, having difficultly keeping all the clothes from falling out. After I was done there I moved to the bathroom, then to my vanity. Finally I was done, and the bags were stuffed full...but there was one other thing I needed... Lowering the bags to the ground from the balcony wasn't that easy, but made easier by tied together sheets that I later pulled back up. Stuffing those in the corner of my room, I said a silent goodbye to the room that I had come to love, the room that my "dad" had made in the effort to make up all those years to me, to make up leaving when he found out, all those nights that I had memories of here...goodbye to them all. I dropped to the ground, took my bags and went to the front of the house. Stepping into the front door for the last time, I walked over to the huge picture that hung in the entry way. My hand slipped behind the frame to the small button behind it. It pulled open with a "whoosh" sound. I froze, listening for movement, but not hearing any. I let out a sigh of relief and grabbed all the money in there. Each kid here got their own safe, I know it sounds weird, but there were a lot of robbers that would love to steal from the boys and their kids. Mine just happened to be right by the entrance, right in easy access for people...especially me. This is probably one of the first places they would look to see if I really ran away when they saw that my room was empty, everything gone...but I didn't care, I needed it. I silently said goodbye to the memories here too, then walked out the door without giving a second glance back. Taking off into the night, the suitcases dragged behind me. I picked up my phone and called a cab. When it finally arrived I handed him cash and he drove. Where? I didn't know at that point. I was just leaving...goodbye family, goodbye friends, goodbye house, goodbye school, goodbye memories...



   An annoying marimba tone rang though my ears, waking me from a dream. I groaned in annoyance before taking the pillow from underneath my head and chucking it towards the sound. When it didn't shut off I pulled the covers off from over my head and slowly opened my eyes. Rolling them, I placed my feet on the freezing ground and made my way over to my tablet. The tone kept playing until I banged my fist against it, and it fell to the ground. I groaned in annoyance once again, being that the only sound I could muster at this early in the morning. Grabbing it from the ground, I thanked God that I had put the case on last night, that was probably the only thing that saved it from dying right then. I clicked the buttons until the email screen popped up in front of me. Scanning the title my face fell into a confused look. My finger pressed the touchscreen of the tablet, pulling up the rest of the email. My eyes went wide....

   "Zayn!" I screamed. "Zayn! Zayn! Zayn!" I screamed louder. In an instant the makeshift sheet for the broken door was pulled aside and his bed ruffled body stumbled, still half-asleep, into the room.

   "What's wrong?!" His eyes looked around frantically as his gravely morning voice seeped through the quiet air. After realizing there was nothing wrong in the room his eyes focused back on me. An elevator look came from him as he sexily smirked. I rolled my eyes playfully. I was still mad at him for cheating, but it's not like I could avoid him forever...I mean...we lived in the same house! I pushed the tablet into his hands. His confused look just made me nod to it, gesturing for his to read it. His eyes traveled down to the screen, his eyes scanning the small typed words. His beautiful hazel/brown eyes went wide, and they met mine. As if we were one mind we threw the tablet onto the bed and jumped into each other's arms. We screamed in joy, laughed, and we both even cried a little. When we finally pulled back, his thumb came up and wiped the tear that was falling down my cheek. In a second his lips connected with mine, never hesitant...until he remembered I was still mad at him. He pulled back and looked to the ground. "Sorry," He muttered. I smiled up at him and pushed my lips onto his once again. He smiled into the kiss as we stayed there for a while. It stayed slow and gentle, but just as passionate as ever, like we were never mad, never separated. Finally we pulled apart for real and we stood there smiling at each other. It clicked in my mind.

   "We have to go tell Rose!" I yelled. He stood there, his eyes going wide once again. His hand reached for the tablet, and we raced to her room. I noticed that Liam's car was gone when we passed the window by the front door. Her door was locked, so we knocked on it frantically. No answer. I rolled my eyes and reached for the bobby pin in my hair. Picking the lock, I tried to open it...but it wouldn't open...something was blocking the door. I groaned and reached my small fingers into the crack, feeling the chair stuck there. I muttered curses under my breath as I struggled to push the chair away from the door, another thing that I had to do when Rose was little. After a while I finally got it moved out of the way. I flung the door open to an empty room...and I meant empty. Letting out a small wail, I sunk to the ground. She's gone. Tears streamed down my face as Zayn leaned down as put his arms around my shoulders, pulling me into his chest. I felt his tears hit the top of me head. "She'll never know..." I whimpered. "She'll never know the tests were mixed up...she'll never know you're her real father..." He shushed me quietly, then the tears came, overcoming all other emotions.

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