Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


46. Chapter 44



  Today was the day we were getting the test results back for Rose and Zayn. I was extremely nervous...I really didn't have a clue if Zayn was the father or not. All I could do was sit there, watching Zayn pace the living room. He was just as nervous as me. Every once in a while he'd walk down to the mailbox, even though I told him that we were getting the answer over an email. He groaned in frustration every time my tablet dinged, cause every time it was someone other than the doctor. I finally had enough.

   "Will you please sit down!" I spat. He stopped, his head slowly turning to face me. His face was shocked and surprised. My eyebrows were furrowed, my jaw clenched, my hands in fists on my keyboard. He must've noticed cause his body went ridged also.

   "I'm sorry if my pacing is causing you problems," He said coldly. I flinched inwardly, but keep my composer on the outside. Rolling my eyes I turned back to the computer. I had been on Pintrest. My mom had always been obsessed with it...and now I know why. It's hard to's just really interesting now. The screen flashed, letting out a little 'ding'. Zayn's head popped up from looking at the ground. My breath hitched as I clicked the little button that opened up the email, holding my breath until the message showed up. My heart thumped a million miles an hour as I looked at the email. It was from the doctor. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't look at it...not yet. I shook my head at Zayn, making him think it wasn't from the doctor's. He let out a frustrated sigh and continued his pacing. I closed the tab and got up from the couch. As I reached the doorway of the living room he opened his eyes and stopped walking. "Where are you going?" He snapped. I turned to him with a what "What the hell?!" look. His gave off the impression that he was really anxious to get the answer. I knew he really wanted to be there when I got the answer too, it's just...his pacing was driving me crazy! The constant sound of his feet on the ground, the constant tap tapping...tap tapping...tap tapping. I shook my head. I had to read the email, the anticipation was growing in my stomach...but...I couldn't do it with him round...tap tapping...tap tapping..tap tap...I'm going insane! I shook my head again and snapped.

   "You and I can't both be freaking out, so you need to put your freak out on hold!" I yelled at him. Taking the stairs two by two I reached the top before he got to the bottom. I ran down the hall and slammed the door to our, now my, bedroom. Locking it before he could come in. I heard him banging his fist against the door, trying to get in, and cussing under his breath when he couldn't. But...I didn't care... Slamming myself onto the bed I opened up another tab and tapped at the Gmail button. I was going to do this... The email came up as soon as I clicked it. It read:

   This email goes out to Mr. Zayn Malik and Ms. Rosalie Malik from the doctor's office of Dr. Mason. This email regards the test results of the paternity test between the two. Your test result was...

   My eyes scanned the next word right as the door burst open...


   I sat just at the opening of the woods, waiting for school to get out. Dustin was the father...Dustin was the father...Dustin was the father, was all I could think. Nothing else entered my mind. In a daze I walked up and walked over to where Jasper and I had been kissing before Dustin showed up. My eyes widened as I saw what was covering the ground...blood. I was shivering by the time I heard the bell. It was a really annoying sound that sounded like a prison break siren, loud enough to hear outside...even way over here. I shrugged my shoulders as I grabbed my phone from the edge of the woods and took a shortcut through the woods. I told Liam's driver that I wanted to walk for the next few days, get some air, time to think...and I was just ditching so I didn't want him to see my without any bag or anything. When I got home, Liam and Zayn's cars were in the driveway. I cursed under my breath and made my way over to the bushes where I hid my bag. I grabbed it and headed inside. The sight I saw there shocked me...


   As I walked in all I saw was Emily racing up the stairs, Zayn right behind her. A door slammed right as Emily disappeared, then I heard Zayn cussing through the door. What happened? I dropped the dry cleaners bags on the counter and rushed upstairs. Zayn was banging on the door, it looked locked. I went over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. He shrugged it off as he hit the door again and gave up, resting his head on the wooden frame. He let out an irritated and sad sigh.

   "You and her get into a fight?" I asked him. He shook his head, then stopped and nodded.

   "Kinda," He whispered.

   "You want help in?"

   He let out a small half-hearted laugh before saying, "Kinda," I laughed and back up until my back pressed against the opposite wall of the hallway. He stood beside me. I counted to three out loud, and we charged the door. It easily came open with our combined weight. It splintered and cracked half the door. The other half hung loosely from the hinges. Emily was sitting on the bed, covering her head as the splinters and dust flew through the air. When her face finally came up, she looked pissed. I patted him on the shoulder.

   "I'll leave this one to you," I whispered and pushed him lightly forward.

   "Thanks," He whispered and we both nodded at each other.


  Emily was sitting on the couch in the living room, the door wide open. She sat in Liam's arms while Zayn made a phone call. She wasn't crying, but she looked like she saw a ghost. Liam looked a little sad, and Zayn was completely and utterly pissed. When the person didn't answer he threw the phone onto the ground and the case cracked straight up the middle. My mom flinched at the sound, but made no other movement or noise at his sudden aggression. Zayn threw himself onto the ground, back pressed against the wall, head in hands. He ran a hand through his hair before looking up again. Liam was rubbing small circles in my mom's back to calm her. Her tablet was in hand, and Liam was eyeing it. He looked even more sad when he read it. Her head fell onto his shoulder, his arm went round her waist, pulling her in closer to comfort her. I dropped my bag there and walked into the room that already felt to crowded with the tense air. Their heads all snapped up at once. Emily pointed to my head, and I turned to look in the mirror. A leaf was there and I brushed it off onto the floor, earning a dirty look from the maid of the family, Liam...but I didn't really care at that moment. Zayn got up and took the tablet from Emily's hands, he then walked over to me. He half-handed me the device, keeping it his grip but allowing me to move it so I could see.

   "Our test results got back in," He said. His voice shaky. My mom whimpered a little, Liam soon shushed her. I scanned the first few lines before my eyes rested on the one word that meant anything in this email. Negative...

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