Are You my Father?

"I'm your... daughter"
My mom died when I was 10, I was put into foster care. I finally found my dad, but what happens if he doesn't want me?


44. Chapter 42



   I was exhausted from another long night. As I trudged through the halls I almost ran into someone cause I wasn't looking where I was walking. I sighed and looked up at the person standing in front of me. Dustin stood there smiling down at me. I faked a smile back and tried to keep walking, but my shoulders were grabbed by strong hands, and I was pulled back. His face looked a little concerned as I let my eyes sweep over it. His features were a little tighter, his eyes darker, and large bag underneath his eyes from restless nights. Looks like we've both been having the same problems. I looked away from his face suddenly, realizing what I had been doing. I had been avoiding all three boys for a week, I guess they were starting to notice.

   "Rose...I've been thinking..." Oh it goes...what I had been trying to avoid. His eyes traveled my face as I still refused to look him in the eye. He finally gave up and continued. "Why were you in Issac's room that night?" His eyes looked like a mix of confusion, sadness, and hope. Hoping that I had a real excuse. Sad thing was...I didn't... I didn't even remember what happened that night...much less give him a good reason for why. Had I excepted it? Did he rape me? I didn't know...what was I supposed to tell him?

   "I wasn't in his room...I-I was looking for yours..." I lied. This made him roll his eyes.

   "Don't even try to lie to me Rose!" He yelled. "What the hell were you doing in there?!" His eyes darkened, his voice echoing through the halls. I flinched at the harsh tone and looked away. I heard him groan in frustration as he ran a hand through his messy hair. Suddenly his face was very close to mine, but not in the loving way I wished. "I'll find out can bet your little ass on it..." He growled. With that he moved down the hall and disappeared into the retreating crowd. People stopped staring, their little show gone. I stared in shock after him. I shook my head, keeping the tears from falling. Grabbing my books I rushed to English, his last words echoing in my mind. "I'll find out Rosalie..." Since when in hell did he call me Rosalie?! The first day he met me he had made it clear that he was gonna call me matter what I wanted... "I'll find out..." I shuddered as the line repeated over and over in my head. He voice as laced with malice...what did he think happened?! Did he think I followed him home from the club? Did he even know I went to the club? Did he think I was cheating on him cause we were a "thing"? What the hell was he thinking?! As I stood beside the door that our teacher always kept closed, my mind was racing. Where was he? I know for a fact he didn't go to class, the door was the opposite way he waked, plus my locker is right down the hall...I would've seen him...where'd he go? Some nagging little voice in the back of my mind was saying a million little things at once. You know when people say they had the angel and devil on their shoulder as a saying thing...well...I actually did! I didn't quite know how...maybe the voices seemed so real that I imagined them, or maybe I was just so out of it that my mind actually made them up. I shook my head to clear the thoughts, and against my better judgement, turned and sprinted from the door. The bell rang as I slammed my locker a little too loud. My feet carried me faster down the hallway, and they didn't stop until I was a good three blocks from the school. I sat down on a bench that was along the sidewalk to catch my breath. Pulling my phone out of my back pocket, I dialed Dustin's number. I rolled my eyes as he sent me to voicemail. I smirked as the 'beep' sounded, and even though I never left messages, I felt like he needed to hear this one.

   "Hey Jackass," ...and my rant begins... "Thanks for sending me to voicemail...ya really appreciate it. Just wanted to tell you that you don't need to be a fucking dick to ask me what was going on. I promise it isn't as bad as you think...wait why am I explaining myself to you? You should be fucking apologizing to me! Ha, well just wanted to tell you thanks for being a fucking asshole back there...really appreciate that too. If you have anger issues maybe you should go to a class cause I don't want your fucking bitchy little comments. You want to take it out on somebody, take it out on yourself cause you seem to start a lot of your fucking little pussy problems. Ya so...have fun doing what the hell ever shit you wanna do. Bye," I hung up and slammed the phone into my back pocket. I was pissed. As I stood up, anger flashed through me even more. Not knowing where to go I sent a text to Jasper.

Me: Ditch with me.

   His reply came back instantly.

Jasper: Meet me at the 2nd field.

  I smiled as I walked back to the school, hopped a fence, and walked through a tiny strip of forest to the 2nd field. No one ever came out here, unless it was warm, then they would come out here for P.E...but it was December. It was also hidden from any window on the school by a large brick wall that divided the two fields. I smiled as I leaned against the wall and waited for him to come out. I laughed as I heard grunts of effort from behind me. Turning I saw his mop of curly brown hair pop up from the other side of the wall as he climbed over it. I giggled a little as he finally pulled himself up and flopped onto the ground at my feet. He had landed on his back and closed his eyes from pain. I giggled again as I held out a hand for him. His eyes opened with a laugh of his own, reaching for my hand. I pulled him to his feet, as we walked hand and hand to the swings.


   Jasper and I had so much fun during those first few hours. And, I know what you're thinking ;), nothing happened. We kinda just walked round the field, raced each other, spied on people in the classrooms (where we almost got caught ;) ), and when we returned to the grassy area...the sprinklers were on. I laughed so hard as I ran into them, getting soaked instantly. Jasper hung back a little, hesitating. I laughed harder as I went over and grabbed him by his collar, pulling him into the falling water. We danced around, chased each other, and finally his arms wrapped around my waist as I was pulled onto the soaking wet grass. I laughed as he landed beside me. Looking over, his face was inches from mine. A smirk crossed his lips as he leaned forward, pressing his soft lips to mine. After a few seconds, a voice cleared their throat. We broke away immediately, standing before looking at the person. Not who I expected... Dustin stood there, his arms crossed, his eyes firey. I froze, looking down at the ground, one hand rubbing my arm. I just now realized that I was wearing a wet, white was now see-through, exposing my light pink bra that was otherwise hidden. I crossed my arms, hoping to draw attention away from it.

   "Why didn't you tell me?" Dustin growled.

   "I-I d-don't k-kn..." I stuttered out.

   "You know what I mean!" He screamed. Jasper pushed in front of me, trying to protect me. I placed a hand on his back and pushed myself forward, so I was now in front of him once again. With the same hand I pushed him slightly backwards. He growled again, "You have things to explain...Issac's room...and now this!" He yelled. I flinched.


   "Issac's room?" Jasper asked. I swallowed hard. Looking back and forth between the two boys.

   "Oh you didn't know?! Your other little secret here went and slept with my brother! Then she goes, says nothing bout it, and starts making out with you so...ya..." Jasper seemed startled from the sudden words. I covered my face, tears threatening to fall. Dustin's voice came out in a really quiet whisper, "I thought you liked me Rose...I thought that's why know..."

   "You had sex with him?!?! After me?!?!" Jasper now was screaming in my other ear.

   "What do you mean after you?..." Dustin's head snapped up as he spoke. They both looked at me, both wanting answers I didn't have. I looked around for an escape. Without a another word, or second glance back, I took off running towards the woods. I don't think I've ever run that fast in my life...

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